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Time To Get Your Spring On...

I've missed you guys! I know, how long has it been? Well, it's been 2 seasons, that's how long! (or 24 episodes lol) It was a much needed break and a very busy one. Can you believe it's the first day of Spring?!?!? Can you believe it's March 2023? Not to get side tracked, but the other night I was just thinking what a blur this century has been. I mean, I remember when we were facing the 2K scare and it really doesn't feel that long ago. The blur for me is everything from 2002-2016. I know a lot happened, but THAT seems like a long time ago!

So what all have I been doing? Well, actually just getting through each month starting with September!

The blooming season was coming to an end for us. I was still enjoying some of summer's beauties, but we had a lot to focus on as the season was changing.

We were finishing up some projects in the house (Bill was) and finally got our bedroom, hallway, and landing area all installed with new flooring. He did fantastic! He even built an amazing shoe rack and refinished our walk in closet. I'm so excited to have this new bedroom that I find it very difficult to want to leave in the mornings and crave relaxing in it in the evenings! But it was nice to get finished and just in time for our trip out west the kids gifted us for Christmas!

I wish I could just jump back into this picture. It was the most amazing time, week, trip, etc. The beauty far surpassed everything we ever thought! To be outside in the fresh air, having picnics alongside creeks that Native Americans and pioneers may have sat, watching the wildlife and the fishermen...

I think we may have had one cloudy day, and even that was wonderful. Just look at the skies in these pics, all taken different days. Just gorgeous. I felt like we were driving an American Safari, never knowing what was around each corner, what animal we would hear...or see.

Coming home was hard to do, and we've never felt like that! I would love to drop a bomb a photos and videos to show you, but I won't. However, please put Yellowstone, Jackson Hole, Wyoming, and Montana on your bucket list. Don't rush it, just enjoy it...take it all in. Notice the purple mountains, the smell of the air, the stillness...America is stunning.

The cabin above is where we stayed when we visited Montana! It was one of two places we stayed, the other being in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. The kids truly gave us a truly unforgettable trip!

But why is it that sitting on an airplane, reality hits hard? I ended up finding myself planning the rest of the month while sitting scrunched up in a plane. So much was about to happen in our world and we were just getting started. The trip couldn't have happened at a better time, getting us relaxed and ready to FACE IT HEAD ON!

The first thing we had to do was get ready to host 30+ people for our daughter and son in-law's baby reveal! It was a fun autumn day and if you don't follow me on Instagram, this is the video I posted. Excuse the shaking as I was a bit excited!

So yea, Bill and I are going to be Lolly and Pops to this little one ANY day now! But first we had to get through the holidays and some baby showers!

Thanksgiving 2022!

Lately I have been spending a lot of time with my conspiracy theory friends, jumping more and more into rabbit holes, searching and searching for more truths. I know my blog isn't for political opinions and the such, but let's face it, you HAVE to be blind to not see and feel the downslide this country is on. We are one sneeze away from WWIII and with our family expanding, you can bet I'm all over those rabbit holes. However, we (I) do take breaks and try to clear my mind. Back in December Bill had made mention that he was thinking about watching Game of Thrones. I had already seen the entire show, but told him I wouldn't mind watching it again with him. So we set out to watch the ENTIRE show and finished it in less than a month! If you remember how he sat with me a couple of years ago and watched the entire Downton Abbey television series (he bought me the DVD collection for Christmas) you may remember how I threw an impromptu dinner party for two (me and him) to celebrate the last episode. Well, in Anna fashion, I felt we needed to do that again for Game of Thrones...😂 The poor man can't win!

Yes, I even got props for the event! And wine, lol...because 'I drink and I know things'.

January 2023 started the whirlwind of more activity! I threw the first of the three baby showers our daughter was given. I made it easy on myself and held it at Buca di Beppo Italian Restaurant. We decided to theme it "Little Meatball" and look at the cake my friend made for the event! Too cute and absolutely delicious!

The following week I even got into the Cincinnati Bengals playoff game! This young team has really got me excited about football again. Trust me, it's been a long time! LONGGGG TIME!

And right before our daughter's second and third baby shower, I treated her to a maternity photo shoot! It was the absolute best time, completely more than we expected and cannot be happier with the entire day, process, and results. Pregnancy looks amazing on her!

Her next two showers were just darling! One was a farm theme and the other was her nursery theme, Winnie the Pooh. They were both just amazing and we are so blessed to have people who love her in our lives!!!

So yes, we've been over here preparing for this little guy and besides crocheting a little something for him...

of course we had to dedicate some space to him! And if you know me well enough, it wouldn't be Lolly and Pop without some sort of garden theme, right? And who else loves a garden??? One of my favorites, Peter Rabbit, that's who! Plus it's a perfect gender neutral theme for future grandchildren!!!

Bunnies bunnies everywhere!!! What a spoiled child lol.

So what am I doing to keep myself occupied until this child arrives? Well, Bill is trying to get some indoor projects done before he has to get out and get the gardens ready. I've already started bringing the dahlia tubers out of "hibernation" so to speak. I also started the cold hardy veggies and getting ready to transplant the seedlings to go outside.

Of course the bright sun but cool temps gets me all anxious and I'm over here buying little succulents and what I like to call "cottage plants", as if I have room for all this! Our kitchen table only has room for dinner for two now!

And the 'cozy room', well let's just say that is currently giving us a bunch of oxygen! I'm so glad the temps outside will be warm soon because I need to start putting out some seedlings in the big greenhouse! Before you know it, tomatoes and cucumbers and peppers and green beans and calendula and A TON OF HERBS will be busting out! (can you tell I'm a bit excited?)

So, I think I'm all caught up! I hope everyone made it through winter and is brushing off the snowflakes with me! It's time to get our Spring On! It's time for the blooming forsythia, pansies, daffodils, and a little baby boy to meet the baby deer, baby birds, and baby rabbits!

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