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Renewing, Revamping, Recreating...

Well hello there! I'm here! I really am! I know it looked like I fell off the face of the earth, not posting and staying quiet, but I promise you, I have been RIGHT HERE the whole time.

Like a lot of you, I have been doing my best to "adjust" to the way our world is changing. Personally, it has taken a lot out of me. My mentality has been tested, my patience has been drained, and my outlook at times just seemed bleak and sometimes down right crushing. Some would call it depression...honestly, I just believe I'm just sad...and scared.

I know I made a personal promise to myself and to my readers that I would NOT use my blog as a political platform and I plan to keep that promise. However, I believe it is important to be able to share that there are many people (millions) feeling the same funk, feeling the same lack of mental energy, feeling the confusion, feeling the worry, and trying to do their personal best NOT to let it get the best of them. Many are trying (and more successful at it than myself!) to find ways to keep their minds busy so the harsh reality doesn't consume them. I applaud them! Many are still coping with family deaths from the Covid and not being able to share their grief with friends and family because of restrictions...I pray for them. Many (again millions) have completely turned off their televisions, letting the world slowly move around them because they don't know what to believe anymore...I empathize with them. And yet there are many who are oblivious to the world around them...I worry for them...

Our world will never be the same since Covid and the US will never be the same since November 3, 2020. There is no easy, polite, or politically correct way to say TRUST IS GONE. No matter who you speak to, each person has some sort of trust issue whether it's with the government, the media, the WHO, Dr. Fauci, or the democratic voting system. Not that these trust issues were never there, but they are now magnified and have become the forefront of our daily lives. Friendships and family relationships have gone to hell. Tension dominates...

Then, a few days ago it hit me. What does someone like me do to get through scary/confusing/challenging time? I just can't go on like this. Those who know me personally know that I am a FIRM believer that you have one shot at living this life and I always ask, 'how do you want to live it?'. I'm the person who is the problem solver in the house. I'm also the person who tries to look ahead to "foresee or anticipate" problems/situations so I'm not blind sided. Control freak much? Yea, just a bit. The control freak never anticipated the world falling apart though and in so many perspectives. But, my personality is an upbeat one. I like to smile and LOVE to laugh. I don't look for the negative because everything happening is just life. So again, I asked myself, what do I do to get through this? The mental anguish is pretty consuming...

I thought long and hard, while thinking about it I even started to cry...major emotional overload. But here are my conclusions:

1) PRAY and pray a little more. Give it to God. I've always heard, 'when it's bad, give it to God', so do it! And trust me, it's like Christmas... I've been giving a lot lol.

2) Listen for God's answer. Don't turn away from the moments of contentment when everything feels good, even if it's just for 23 minutes. He's giving you peace. It's like when you're dieting; you can't lose 75 pounds over night. It's progression. I'm currently working on the progression of peace.

3) Trust...your gut. Energy is all around us. We are energy. When our energy meets arguable energy, we feel it, we sense the uncomfortable and questionable. Trust it. But more importantly, be aware of it. Remove yourself from the negative and surround yourself with the positive and the 'feel good' whether it be nature, people, books, etc.

4 Educate yourself. I remember watching a video where the person being interviewed said, "America is about to get a huge lesson on the Constitution". Sadly and true to every unfortunate event that ever happens, we are now finding ourselves "not as educated as we thought we were". There is no time like the present to get online or pick up a book about our Constitution and our Freedoms. Along with that, research research and research people, more people, events, medicine, anything that can and will impact your lifestyle. There are several 'truths' for every situation. Do yourself a favor and find the real one. It may not be what you hoped for, what you wanted to hear, but it will be easier to cope with real truth than living life based on an assumption.

5) Stand up for your convictions. WE STILL LIVE IN A DEMOCRACY! Contact your legislatures! Express concerns. Make them work harder than they have ever had to work for you!

Lastly, and the most important for your life. You know how someone asks you to sit and listen to a song and it turns out to be a God awful song, but you listened? Then you tell yourself, "Well that's three minutes I'll never get back!"? I lost a lot of days...lots of hours and a gazillion minutes. All filled with worry, grief, stress, emotional eating, and couldn't get in the groove to do a darn thing...Not anymore.

I can't.

I only get one shot at living this life...

Hang in there friends, you're not alone. I'm on the path to putting positive energy back in the world, feeding it happiness instead of worry and discontent. I am strong and going to get stronger. I am smart and am damn sure going to get smarter. I hope you join me in the progression of peace, the search for real truths, and finding inspirations to help us create new normalcies.

With that being said, I'm excited to get back to my blog posts and continue sharing the happenings around our little home. Human woes haven't stopped nature. It's unfolding in front of our eyes here! We had a pretty significant rainfall last week that gave us our first creek flood. It was an unkind reminder that the seasons are changing! Daffodils, ground, and pot planted chives have emerged as well as some tulips! Today we are going to experience our first day reaching 60 degrees! I even have little buds on my forsythia. It's the season of renewal.

Enjoy your new work week and I'd love to hear from you! Drop me a note. Tell me how it's going with you in your little piece of the world!

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