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Playing Dumb...

Hey friends! It's Thursday and I am hoping and praying (a lot lately!) that you are all safely tucked in your homes with plenty of food, love, and toilet paper. As you know, it's hard to turn on the news or even get on your phones to dabble on social media without the reports of "the other C word" thrown in your face. I hate it, I worry because that's just me-like literally, I'm the CEO of worry but most don't see it, and yes, I did have a breakdown Tuesday. With the re-assurance of my family (meaning they understand the severity and aren't giggling their way through this) and the support of my friends and my pen-sisters in Western Europe, we've shared our concerns and exchanged prayers to help cope with the personal anxieties. The world needs to heal; humanity needs to heal, and day by day I believe I am starting to see both, especially the healing of humanity. So, on a personal level, I'm really digging down and surrounding myself with pretty things, with things that bring joy and make me happy. For some, that can be hard as you may have to work from home WHILE being a teacher to your kids AND clean/sanitize your home...I get it and applaud everyone. I've mentioned to Bill and our kids several times, we are NOT ALONE in our problems and stresses. This is the new norm for a temporary time, but the temporary needs to do its full course or we will be back at it again. The one PLUS we have here on this side of the equator is SPRING! 🎵OH GREEN AND BEAUTIFUL BIRD SINGING SPRING!🎶

I was elated to see so many daffodils bloom this past weekend and before the cool temps could kill them Bill went marching out into the MUSHY yard for me and cut them so I could showcase them in one of my green mason jars. And yes, that would be one or two or five of my Susan Branch mugs ☺️ The daffodils all but withered away today, but it was wonderful having them for 5 or so days!💛 Daffordils and Easter go hand in hand in my world so of course I had to bring out all my Beatrix Potter goodies! I don't have much, but it's the perfect touch for Easter!🐰

Fortunately the temps are warming up here in northern Kentucky. Our grass has reached the stage of having to be cut and Bill even got the mower ready the other day only to find that it won't stay "started" when he went to cut yesterday after he got home from work. YES, he's still working! I joke because my new adjective for him now is "essential" ☺️ So now, he has to try and see if he can fix it before the grass goes to seed! And speaking of seeds, you have to see my collection!!

These seedlings above are my herbs! I'm growing basil, 3 types of lavender (yes, it's an obsession!), thyme, Polish chamomile, German chamomile, bergamot and chives (both not pictured), fennel, and cilantro. Yesterday I had to re-pot the basil, both chamomiles, fennel, and cilantro! They were crying for space!

I almost dread repotting because as soon as you do, they just take off. Of course that's the point lol, but can you see how many little plants I have? I have a ton! And my kitchen has been overwhelmed with seedlings in the greenhouse, the kitchen window, the white cart sitting in front of the big picture window...where ever the east/southeast sun is hitting!

As you can see in the last two pictures, I already had to re-pot the cosmos and Pride of Gibraltar that I'm growing for the first time this year. And see this picture below?

The second to last row has nothing...for whatever reason, not one seed germinated. It happens to everyone, but I was just a bit crushed because I was anxious to see this little flower bloom. They were globe amaranths and were from the supplier out of Washington State, Floret, that I spoke about in one of my previous posts. I contacted them and they were very quick to respond. I was super excited that she replied stating they were going to send me a new packet and guess what, I got the new packet yesterday so today they are getting a fresh start! I had no doubts Floret would come through. They run their business with so much love and pride!

And today I'm hoping to get these babies in the ground!

These are sweet peas and I have two more containers as well. Over the weekend Bill put up our cucumber netting we used last year and since we're not growing vegetables, we decided to use it for the sweet peas. I am extremely excited for these! Oh, and I got an email Tuesday that said my dahlias I ordered online (remember that?) are on their way!! I have to get all my buckets ready for those and I still have zinnias and sunflowers to start! Ain't nobody got time for this virus! I've been spending time learning the best ways to start certain seeds and with all the seeds I have started and still need to start, I have sowed some straight into the landscape: Bells of Ireland, Delphiniums, Larkspur, Lupines, and Kiss Me Over The Garden Gate. Don't you just love all these names? I get all excited thinking of all them blooming and coming in! Truth be told, I'll be elated if I get just one of each!

But, I have to share my fun and happy news! So, with all these little seedlings having to be re-potted, it's obvious I don't have room in my kitchen for all of them, so what's a garden dreamer to do? Well, since she has the greatest most understanding husband in the world and a son who literally has nothing else to do but help his mom, she insists on buying this!

I wish you could see my excitement right now!!🤗🤗 I'm waiting for our HOA to send me a letter, but I'll just send it right back to be honest lol! I saw this baby in an advertisement and we went and bought it before the "lockdown". It was literally $20 more than the small 4 shelved one I used for years. For $20 I can WALK IN THIS THING! We decided not to put it in the yard because per HOA rules we can't have that, so here it sits, on our deck, just like a hot tub😂 Our son put it together yesterday and Bill put screws in EVERY POSSIBLE joint so this thing is sturdy. I am worried a little bit about wind, but with the weight of all my plants and trays once inside, I'm hoping it will be fine.

Look at this thing! We may even rent it out in AirBnB 😂😂 Or use it as our isolation room for the virus!

So much room for activities!😂 On a serious note, I really hope the neighbors don't complain! I mean, we are all limited to our happinesses as it is and I really don't want to lessen my thoughts on humanity and have to take this apart and use the poles to hurt someone😂 I'm sacrificing enough not being able to go to nurseries and such, doing my part for the good of mankind and my family, so please, just let me keep my greenhouse! Ask me about a greenhouse on my deck and you betcha, I will play dumb!😉

Stay safe my friends. I'm praying for everyone and a quick passing of this virus. Be kind, help others if you can, follow directions, and enjoy being a family unit. Remember how many of us have gone to work wishing out loud we could just go home? Well, here ya go...

And to all those "essential" workers, thank you. May God keep you healthy and strong and protected.

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