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I've Waited ALL Year For This...

Updated: Oct 4, 2019

Hello friends!! I'm COLD! HAHA, just joking! I was wondering when I was ever going to be able to say those words again, and it looks like maybe, just maybe, I might be able to in the next week or so. For most of my readers, the temps have been nothing but dreadful these past few weeks. Our yard has taken on a nice shade of hay to match the season of decorating with straw bales. But not today!! Nope, today we officially welcome Autumn and tomorrow... I'm making waffles!

I can't even begin to tell you all that's happened these past couple of weeks. Of course I took it upon myself to get the house ready for autumn, but seeing that the weather wasn't co-operating, I was afraid I was going to experience my first Augober. However, September did bring the most exciting day of the year for me...

Downton Abbey!🤗 Click here if you're a Downton fan and the music gets you excited every time like it does me!!

I waited a very very long time for September 20th. It was my own personal Christmas, shared by millions around the world. Just so you know, last weekend Downton was the number one grossing movie for the US, UK, AND Australia...someone made bank!😂 And here's to Julian Fellowes🥂 in hopes he makes another one!

So, if you follow me on Facebook or Instagram, you undoubtedly read my short version of how the day unfolded and saw the little video I created to give you an idea of how my perfect day went. If that's the case, then I apologize now, but I'm doing it again...but with a little more flair☺️

As most of you may remember, for Christmas Bill gave me the Downton Abbey box set collection. Along with that, he gave me a gift card to go towards the Downton party he knew I wanted to have in honor of the movie. I put that card aside, which I actually surprised myself I hadn't spent it foolishly elsewhere. For most of the year I contemplated how I wanted this party to unfold. It all came down to having some Downton friends over (maybe 6-10) a nice dinner served with fine dinnerware , polished silver candelabras (if I could find some at the thrift store!), dinner being served in "courses" of course, and, if time allotted, a viewing of the final episode to refresh our memories that undoubtedly didn't need refreshing, before heading to the theater as a group. But, as the time drew nearer, the party idea just started to fade. I became selfish in my planning. I thought about it and although I absolutely LOVE talking Downton with my friends, I had that absolute best time re-watching it with Bill back in January since he had never seen it. And remember the party I threw for the two of us as we watched the final episode?

And don't forget Ms. Kimber Patmore...

Well, it just didn't seem right to not see the Movie without Bill. He knows me best and he knows how much I love Downton, tea, England, the Queen, Will and Kate, the english countrysides...he has to hear it daily🤦🏻‍♀️ But he lets me dream, he encourages me to do the things I how can one NOT do something they love without the one they love??? So I drug him with me all day😂

Let me first just start off by saying, the man got a day off work for it! I'm not exactly sure he was wanting to part with a vacation day saved for hunting season or not, but he did get to experience something unique. First, we were up bright and early. We took the dogs to the kennel for doggie daycare. I love them, but this day was going to be about us, not them. We immediately came back home where I decorated (lightly) the table on our back deck for our breakfast. Fortunately our deck faces the east so we only had the morning sun and a cool breeze. Eggs were scrambled Gordon Ramsay style (British and the best!), hot water was boiling for tea, fruit salad was tossed together, and croissants were placed nicely on our plates. I used my Susan Branch cups and little British salt and pepper shakers to add some finishing touches☺️

It was relaxing, the birds joined us, the sun dappled around was perfect. We did a couple little things around the house before it was time to shower and get ready for high tea! Both of us have never experienced a high tea, but I thought it would be fun to go to one and use my gift card! There are a few local shoppes that offer a high tea, but I decided to go with The Bonbonerie in Cincinnati. If you are from this area, you KNOW how delicious the Bonbonerie is. They are known for the cakes/pastries, especially their Opera Creme Cake. However, they do offer a deli style menu in their small but quaint cafe, as well as a high tea and tea parties. So off to Cincinnati we went!

Yes, that's me! The first time I think I've ever put a picture of myself on the blog! And that's Lord Bill 😍

And let me tell you, Lord Bill had no problem whatsoever blending in with his surroundings! I know he was hesitant about all this, but actually, I think he's more British than he let on!

But seriously, look at that food! Soooo pretty! And 85% of it was probably sugar lol

I got to try clotted creme for the first time...and I loved it! I would love to have this every day. I SHOULD HAVE THIS EVERY DAY! As for tea, I chose to have Earl Grey and Bill chose Ginger Peach. The cups were dainty, but the man made it look sexy! Lol, high tea was a success!

After high tea we picked up the dogs to bring them home and give them dinner. They were worn out, which was the plan, so sleeping for the next few hours wasn't going to be a problem for them. In bed they went and off to the movies we went!🤗🤗

I honestly couldn't believe how many showings were already sold out when I originally got online the beginning of September to purchase our tickets. But, we were able to get the 4:15 showing which was perfect. I giggle though because when we went to get seated, I notice, for the most part, we were probably the youngest adults there. Of course that says a lot for me because I enjoy the company of older, distinguished, and "old school" adults! But for Bill...well, he gets scared when he sees this crowd in a movie theater. Not because of the age, but more about the movie that is being shown. So, let me explain...back in '95, we had a couple's night out with our neighbors and we decided to see a movie. I chose How To Make An American Quilt. Have you ever seen it? I just remember the great cast of characters and thinking what a great film it was going to be. I want to tell you, I have NEVER lived that decision down. Worse decision I have ever made! It continuously haunts me thanks to my husband. I was 25, Bill 27, and our friends were also the same age...but the theater crowd, well, let's just say today they are probably no longer walking with us. I traumatized those men. Our friend wouldn't fall asleep because he was afraid he'd snore, but he desperately wanted to. Bill just chose to use it against me the rest of my life. So, imagine walking into a theater being the youngest again. I'm sure the blood drained into that high noon tea belly of his faster than the tea itself. But, here's the kicker...we're not 25 anymore! We're a lot closer to the crowd's age than we are 25! And the best part, after the movie everyone clapped (these people were the cutest!!) and so did we! Ahhh, but someone also cried...🙋🏻‍♀️ It was amazing...We have to have another movie!

And off to dinner we went! This is us ⤴️ Lol I wish!😂 After the movie, we had reservations for dinner. I appropriately chose one of our favorite places, The Pub. This is the restaurant where I stole the menu that had the Queen's coronation picture on it only to find out I was allowed to take it home😂. There was no other meal more fitting for this day than fish-n-chips so we split an order due to their massive size. When the server brought us our dinner, seeing how large my fish was, I told her that we had ordered ONE fish-n-chips to split. She kindly smiled at me and said, "It is, we did it for you..."😳

Lord have mercy I really wanted to save room for dessert, but didn't know if that was even going to be possible! But in Lord and Lady fashion, because we love this dessert so much, we pushed through and took one for the team! For dessert, we each got our favorite, Bread Pudding with Bourbon Whiskey sauce and vanilla ice cream. The only rule to this dessert is you have to get your own. There is no sharing!

And just like that, my perfect day came to an end. It was beautiful, it was memorable, and it was a Downton kind of day. I'm forever glad I decided to be selfish and not have the party where I would have had to entertain. I know it would have been fun, but THIS...this was perfect.

Oh, and before I forget, look at this! If you know me, you KNOW I love to color (with crayons)! And wouldn't you know it, while browsing my favorite book store, I found this! I swear the clouds parted and the angels sang when I saw this!❤️

Well that's it friends, that's the tale of my Perfect Day. I'm pretty sure you can call me a Downton groupie🇬🇧

Hope you enjoy the weekend and the new autumn season wherever you are. I also want to say "Hello!"to my new subscribers! If you haven't signed up to receive my emails, please do! I only send them when I have a new blog post.

I'm off to prepare my first ever homemade butternut squash soup! I'll let you all know how it turns out! I'm sure it will taste amazing; it's fall...everything tastes better in the fall!🍂🍁🍂🍁🍂🍁

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