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Grand Opening!

Hey friends! Here we are, days into September, and guess what....



You all are the first to know as well because you guys have been the best support system ever! I decided to list some questions, answers, and thoughts for you all to help introduce the store. Trust me, I put a lot of thought and research into all this!

So, what is my store? Well, it's an Etsy online store and if you're not familiar with Etsy I almost want to apologize because it can be an addicting little (not really little) place to shop! Etsy is a platform for those who make homemade goods (from crochet to skin care to clothes to garden decor) as well as lovers of vintage goods, to sell their items. There are stipulations to having an Etsy shop so that's what makes it stand out from Amazon.

Remember when I posted my little crochet buntings like this one at halloween or my heart one at Valentine's? Well, my Etsy store will allow me to sell these fun things if I decide to do that. Right now I'm not selling anything crochet, but please give me your thoughts if you'd like to see them in the store!

I've decided to set up my Etsy shop with my Instagram name French Country in KY. The store will be only stocked with my homemade pieces and I hope to occasionally find some vintage home decor to list as well. I have lots of ideas and have been making a list, but time is going to be my obstacle. I want to make the items with care, not feel rushed, and I have to be sure to have a few in stock. I DON'T plan to offer future sales or specials because I believe my prices will be fair for the quality of material and time spent on each project. I am, however, offering free shipping on all handmade pieces. Vintage decor will be a separate shipping price. I even offer pickup or delivery to local buyers!😊

So what exactly will be sold in my store? Well, I'm not telling you the items I have up in the store currently because I want you to go check it out☺️ but everything I sell or will be selling are pieces/creations I use in my own home. The idea for my store is for you to experience a part of our lifestyle or achieve the look and/or feel I have in my own home. God knows I'm not some decorator off HGTV, but I know what I like and appreciate. I know the feel and vibe I love to create around our house. I love girly ruffles, I love pretty lace, I love cottage decor with a twist of farmhouse, and who doesn't love cozy material? I'm drawn to heirloom pieces and hand me downs with a family story. Creating something homemade can be a challenge sometimes, but for me, creating it is the closest thing I can get to the vision I have in my mind. And I LOVE trying to make it all work together in our home and with our lifestyle.

Why now? You know that saying, 'YOLO'? Well, Covid has been an eye opener, not just for me, but for many. My personal mantra is "you only get one shot at this life, how do you want to do it?" There are just so many things I want to do. Having this little online store is one of them. I love giving homemade gifts at Christmas time and birthdays. Making things from sewing, to crocheting, to cooking is a passion of mine. I have an incredible husband who allows and affords me these passions. More importantly, he ENCOURAGES my passions (yes, he really is perfect! AND CUTE!)

Covid also opened my eyes in another direction. Things we take for granted...ex: toilet paper🤦🏻‍♀️ Going to the store and thinking the worst part about buying something is not having enough money but when you go with money and there is nothing to toilet paper, chicken, beef, canned goods, medicines. It's scary. Then the issue of our health rolled into all this. Bill and I eat at home 5 if not 6 days a week. We changed our eating habits way before covid because we believe in staying away from preservatives. We love home cooked meals from fresh or frozen (free of preservatives and chemicals) food. Plus we season food to our liking and it's easier to blame ourselves for something not tasting good then to blame a restaurant that we spent so much money on. We've also taken to using more natural products for cleaning, aromatherapy, laundering, etc. If you read my last blog post, you'll understand my big purchase of essential oils.😁 (I'll be talking more about all this in future blog posts) I've even taken it up a notch and have been eliminating plastics in our life, both for us and for the earth.

Being eco-friendly is a huge adjustment to someone who never put much thought into it.🙋🏻‍♀️ But it goes hand in hand for our lifestyle, we just never concentrated on it too much. We don't believe we are wasteful, but we do need to be more intentional. I've (we've) started real small, but these little changes have felt good and actually a little fun and challenging. My hint to you is, my store is opening with two products that can help you adjust to an eco-friendly lifestyle. I wanted you all to understand where I was coming from by offering these items in my store as my grand opening items. More importantly, being eco-friendly doesn't mean you have to give up something pretty! That's where it's been fun for me!

And I know I said I wouldn't be offering a discount in the future, but I am offering a Grand Opening Special to all those who subscribe to my blog which is you! Tomorrow morning I will be sending you a special (and once only I promise!) coupon with a special code to your mailbox. It is for your shopping pleasure and will expire September 30th. The store will be open TOMORROW for you to browse, shop, and I If you have an Etsy account, please like my account (FrenchCountryInKY) by marking the ❤️ and following me. Word of mouth is the best advertisement as well, so please pass on this information to your friends and family! When they sign up to subscribe to my blog, they will receive the coupon as well. I'm so excited friends! Thank you all for being so supportive!!😘

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