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Glass Season...

I have a fondness for glass...more specifically, glass jars and bottles...and probably more so than what would be considered normal.🤦🏻‍♀️ At least I'm sure that's what Bill thinks. And if you know my love for garage sales, then you'll understand there always seems to be some sort of bottle or jar I am coming home with.

Why glass? Well, I'm not fond of plastic. Between the dishwasher and/or microwave, plastic is a no go. Plus, we've done a lot to rid ourselves of the use of plastic when possible. Glass allows me to see what I am storing, I can easily write on it with a sharpie and remove the writing with soap and water when necessary. I can use it everywhere from the refrigerator to the oven, the microwave and the dishwasher. It cleans up easily and it's recyclable and REUSEABLE!

And, when it's clean it's shiny and I just love a great collection of jars. It's the witchy side of me that finds them fun. (Oh lord, throw in little jars with droppers and I automatically become a chemist! So yes, I collect essential oil bottles, too.) I personally use them for anything and everything when possible; leftovers, sauces, homemade oils, salsas, and other homemade concoctions. I also like to use them for storage or just simply having them to contain what I use daily like this ⤴️ (notice the scrub brushes in the jar? And the empty beverage pitcher on the sill? Glass is everywhere!)

Mason jars were always my go-to. I don't 'can', although I would love to, but we do make a lot of seasonal foods to enjoy like pickled beets, pickles, salsa, dips, etc. But then I started seeing cute jars and bottles and before long, I was collecting them! I prefer to have clear, but there have been some fun ones in deep green and light blue that I have held on to as well! Having them in different shapes and heights is another plus for me.

Over the years I have found some fun jars, most of which I've recycled/reused from grocery store items, but some I have purchased. Some of my favorite jars are these spice jars I got online. See the spices on the bottom shelf? Those small jars to the right were the ones I used to have. I say used to because I did a huge over-haul of my cabinets and pantry and literally jarred about everything you see here. And that includes my spices.

As much as I've loved these jars, they didn't seem to work for me because although they stack, they aren't secure and slide around. I show you in my video below. I ended up finding EXACTLY what I was looking for after searching for what seemed forever (don't ask me why this was so difficult). I found the new jars on Amazon and they come in a set of 12 (5oz ea). I purchased two sets and was excited they came with labels and the wood lids I've been looking for! I reveal them in the video as well. The old set have found a new home with our daughter, along with extra labels from the new set!

Seriously, I couldn't ask for cuter more functional spice jars and although I feel we use spices regularly and familiar with most, there were some labels for spices I'd never heard of! I need to look into these spices...😉 Oh, and see that green jar? I LOVE that jar! It's perfect for our Maldon salt!

And here's the pantry. If it comes in a box or plastic and doesn't get used very fast or it happens to be in large quantity like flour, then it gets put into a glass container. My exception happens to be Bill's seasonings. There's a party going on in the pantry with all his seasonings, but we found it easier to keep it in their original containers.

And why stop with the pantry? The refrigerator, the laundry all gets glass.

And of course, garage sales allow me to find older canning jars, jelly jars, and decorative jars that I can use for things like my homemade chive butter or chive oil.

One other great use is of course drinking glasses. My OCD likes things to match, so it was a mind game for me when I would open our cabinet door and see mismatched drinking glasses.🤦🏻‍♀️ I thought about going back to mason jars again, but they honestly take up a lot of space. That is, until now! I had to share these new drinking glasses that I bought. They are STACKABLE, you can use them for drinking, for preserving, ice cream...oh my gosh they are so cute and make my heart sing 5 octaves. Plus they are wide mouth which made it perfect for me to get these wooden wide mouth tops with a hole for a straw!!!

Aren't these awesome! I bought 12 and absolutely love that they are "tumbler" shaped and stackable making it fit PERFECT in our cabinet!

They come in a box of 4 with canning lids, so the wooden lids have to be bought separately. The glasses are made by Ball and you can find these, the wooden lids, and the spice jars on my page under the BOUGHT IT FROM tab above or click here. And just a side note, Amazon Days is coming up next week with major discounts (July 5 and 6)! If you're like me, I wouldn't be able to hold out until Amazon Days lol.

So are you inspired to use glass? I don't hold onto EVERY glass, just the ones that I know I will probably use for something. Oh yes, I have broken my fair share of glass, but to be honest, it forces me to slow down and be more it just plain looks prettier!😉❤️

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