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Getting Our December On...

Time flies, whether you're wasting it or not... Crystal Woods

And to be honest, I'm not sure if I've been wasting it or not! I'd like to think that I've been productive since it's literally been a month since my last post. So folks, it's probably best if you grab yourself a super huge mug of something super good and warm because there's bunches to talk about!

November started off in the Christmas spirit! My friend Bets (Hi Bets!) bought us VIP tickets to the Cincinnati Christmas Market and 'a-shopping' we went. We went to this event last year so between both our memories, we had certain booths we were looking for (mainly food booths because that's how we roll lol), but one of our favorite things to do is get ideas. Seriously, I know we're not the only ones! And what better place to get ideas than a HUGE convention center full of them? It's like a "living Pinterest" event! I really don't know if I'm allowed to take pictures of certain things (I don't see why not), but I tried to be inconspicuous with my camera-hence the blurry pictures lol. This one above I thought was a cute idea...old books or favorite books with an added coat hanger ❤️

And remember growing up you could find those cute towels with huge buttons and they hung on oven doors or drawer pulls? Well, they've been updated and are making a big come back! This year I've gotten back into crocheting and seeing these cute towel ideas were fuel for thought❤️

And this was one of my favorite ideas...see the manger at the top? I thought those were adorable! Being that my lover is incredibly handy dandy, I took this pic for him...I mean seriously, just some wood, a saw, and zip zip we've got a manger. Staple gun a chord with a light, buy a star, cut out some letters with the cricut, do a little painting and BAM, in the yard you go! Only, I'm still waiting for the handy dandy to finish processing his deer he got during hunting season...🤦🏻‍♀️

This booth was probably my favorite. See that huge metal can of loose potpourri? It smelled like the freshest Christmas tree ever. They had bags of it for sale and yep, I bought one! And see the black metal silhouette manger scene in the middle of the picture? Yea, bought that, too! I bought the small manger scene, not the entire palm tree/wise men set. I would have loved to get it all, but decided to go small. I really loved the greenery they were selling especially the small Christmas trees. The color of the trees were more subtle and olive in appearance versus the ones you find at the stores that take green to another level. I decided not to buy them as I was sure I'd find something at home to decorate the manger scene with. Quick story behind the metal silhouette...the lady selling them said that she lives in Pennsylvania and her friend is an amish gentleman who forges all her metal for her. And if you know anything about me and our family's love for the amish, she had me at HELLO!

The following day, with ripples in the sky and the sun barely peaking through, Bets and I made an impromptu trip to a little downtown shop south of us in Williamstown, Kentucky. There lives a store called Uptown Village where the owner has seasonal open houses. (if you have facebook, you can find it here ) She sells all these adorable vintage finds at very reasonable prices. She was having her Christmas Open House and since we both had been to an open house in the past, we knew we had to get there when the doors opened. And we were. And it was crowded...and glorious! I seriously could have bought the store, but decided I couldn't afford that and kept my spending at bay by searching out specific sheep🤦🏻‍♀️ While I was in line to pay, I happened to notice high on a hutch about 15 feet away a little sheep with a Santa riding it! I couldn't get out of line because it was already 20 people deep and I only had three people in front of me before it was my turn...but the sheep was staring at me...Santa was staring at me...and I was staring at everyone walking near or close to it! I decided that if no one grabbed it by the time it was my turn to check out, I would run and grab it then. And guess who went home with it!?!?🙋🏻‍♀️ Honestly, it was just one of those things that get lost in the shuffle. It was surrounded by big and tall items and being that there was so much to see and so many people, you're kind of forced to move quickly to see everything. Standing in line gave me the opportunity to see so much more including what other people were buying!

But isn't he adorable!❤️ Not to mention the other two sheep I bought! Here's one of the two⬇️ ( I like to think they were separated at birth and I reunited them at my house!)

Do you see him by the latern? The other one is sitting by my Native American manger scene, but after Christmas they'll be next to each other somewhere I'm sure. Oh, and what do you think of my winter wonderland I created there?⬆️ I was excited to capture a picture of it with our first snow of the season! Can you see my crocheted snowflakes hanging? I made most of those while in the car traveling to the Biltmore back in October!

And you all know how I love cloches! I found these adorable leather baby shoes at the vintage store and couldn't decide on these or the red ones they also had so I chose these for a more universal display year round.❤️ And here's my metal silhouette manger scene...

It came with a white tray and just as I thought, I actually had these white trees I didn't realize I had. In my summer garage sale buys, I purchased a village skating rink for my Christmas Village display and forgot the lady I bought it from threw in a bunch of other Christmas village stuff for free! And see the white Christmas tree in the back? Another great buy on FB Marketplace for $25! (and the skies parted and the angels sang...)

As you can see, this room (the dining room) has turned into the red and white room for Christmas. I crocheted those mittens hanging on the buffet and decided to make a "holiday spirits" corner in there as well.

See, red and white! Cheers🥂

November saw a lot happening with our family. All good things, I promise. One of those good things was MY BIRTHDAY! This year was my big 50th, but unlike Texas, I wished for it to be done small...and my wish was wonderfully granted. Actually, it was more like "royally" granted 👑 My day started with Bill surprising me by taking the day off work 😍. He cooked me an amazing breakfast and served it with these beautiful flowers. His birthday card included a punch-out tiara which I gladly wore as he gifted &draped me with the most amazing and softest blanket that literally made me feel regal👸🏻

And in keeping with the theme, my eldest daughter gifted me a LADYSHIP! Yes, that's right, it's official and I can now be addressed as Lady Anarita (of Hougun Manor, England!) And don't think I didn't make that facebook official😂 I'm seriously going to sign my name as Lady now! And did you notice the home page of my blog? I mean, it's just as important in my world as having PHD behind your name if you ask me! My telephone already has a text tone of Carson from Downton Abbey stating, "you have a text message mi lady" so it was just a matter of time 'till it became official! 😂 The paperwork finally came in the other day and it even included the manor crest and title crest and YES it will be framed and made clearly visible for all who enter...👸🏻

This is truly one of the greatest and unexpected gifts I've ever received. And if you know of an anglophile that's hard to shop for, you really need to check into it here. And to top off the day, the host at the restaurant we celebrated dinner literally acknowledged me as Lady Anna and curtsied!😂 My family is just simply awesome!❤️

No sooner could I blink and it was time to celebrate our American holiday of Thanksgiving. Now, being that I'm a big picture taker, I am utterly surprised that I don't have one picture from our feast. But, I will tell you, it was a delicious and very relaxed dinner topped off with the family sitting around watching my favorite Christmas show, The Family Stone! We weren't able to celebrate with our youngest daughter, but my fingers are crossed for Christmas 🤞🏼🎄

And like many others, I'm dreaming of a white Christmas! November brought us our first snow of the season and here I am "driving" down our street in awe of the beautiful red maples with snow flocked all over them. Of course this was puppy Karma's first snow so it was fun watching her try to figure out what it all was!

It's funny how white both our dogs are and how "not so white" they look in the snow! And speaking of snow, I have to show you my snowy Christmas village! I didn't put it up last year because anyone who has a village will tell you, it's a chore and you need space! This year, Bill made a large table by using an old door on two saw horses that I draped with buffalo check. We placed it by the back window next to the corner where we plan to put our tree after we cut it down this weekend! I have so many pieces that I didn't have enough room to use them all, plus Bill was getting a little "distraught" stating the outlets were "turning into Ralphie's house". Fortunately we can't blow a fuse like the old days!

Well, it's time for me to get my December on. I have zero shopping I did get my Christmas cards sent! So, I will close for now so all you fun friends can go get YOUR December on! Next on our list, finding and cutting the perfect Christmas tree and making some holiday goodies to give as gifts this year! 🤗

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