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A New Prince Is Born...

Do you remember when Bambi was born and all the animals in the forest were so excited and exclaimed the "new prince is born!"? I'm pretty sure everyone in the world (maybe not the world) associates Bambi to Spring! It's because Spring is when everything is born! Trees start to bud, tulips and daffodils start to emerge, baby animals like deer, birds, rabbits are born, and for us...a brand new baby human!!! A little prince! Yes, Bill and I have a brand new grandson! Our own "little" to spoil, read to, teach, and explore with. And let's not forget snuggle, squish with, hug, and smooch! So much has happened in March and FINALLY on the last day of the month, after a little "help from the hospital", the little man came into the world just as beautiful as I knew he would be! All 8 lbs and 19 1/2" of him! My little papoose!

The best part of modern technology was being able to receive the "He's HERE!" phone call via FaceTime from my daughter. We (her dad and I, her brother & his fiancé, and her sister) were able to all see him TOGETHER for the first time in a group call which, in my heart, was the absolute best feeling.

Of course it became a NASCAR event to see which one of us was going to get to the hospital first to visit them. Being the wonderful parents that we are, we let the kids visit first as we stopped and got the new mom and dad some dinner since they hadn't eaten. It was just wonderful to be able to visit knowing that just a couple short years ago visiting wasn't even an option.

And today, if you can believe it, this little guy is 2 weeks old!! And changing each day! I'm doing my best to stay at home and communicating every day with them instead of being in their face, over their shoulder, lol. I just remember that as soon as our first born came home, we just wanted to bond and get acclimated with the new routine. Both our parents and my grandma were exceptionally understanding and didn't bombard us with visits. And I just want to be able to do the same. Of course I'm a phone call away and drive faster than Jeff Gordon and Mario Andretti combined, so getting to their house in a moment's notice is totally attainable! But they are doing great! I knew they would. I think they are just in awe of this beautiful little being they created!

However, I did get to watch him a couple hours while they got out of the house and did a little running around one day. It blows my mind how much he's changed already!


Back in his momma's arms...💙

And I'm pretty sure he's going to have a beautiful complexion. Oh and CURLY CURYLY hair! You have GOT TO SEE the wave pattern this child has! We laugh because both his mom and dad have curly hair so there's no escaping it for this child lol. I just can't wait to take him out into the gardens and have a photo shoot!📷🐇🍅🫑🥕lol

And as if the emotions weren't already at full capacity, our eldest had to go and turn 30! His fiancé threw an amazing surprise party for him and it turned out to be so much fun for ME and Bill as we got to visit with all his close friends that used to "live" at our house throughout middle and high school. I was extremely fortunate to be able to be a part of their group, being the mom who drove them to Taco Bell for those late night feasts, Vegas night party nights (don't ask), exploring cemeteries and abandoned buildings for ghosts, creating Halloween scavenger hunts for them, baseball games and more baseball games...All but two are married, a couple have babies, a couple served in the military, and all have grown up wonderfully. My heart literally melts seeing these guys together and although not all of the "original" group were able to join, the others will be at his wedding in September when I'm SURE the emotions will be in overdrive! God gave me one son, but he gave him the best brothers. I have to say, taking pics with these guys was just as difficult now as is was when they were in their teens.

And as we head into Spring next week we'll be celebrating the new momma's birthday. We have lots of gardening to be done (I'm working on it!) and a wedding shower to plan, and I have to find me SOMETHING to wear for the wedding...have I ever mentioned that I loathe clothes shopping for myself?...and by loathe, I mean LOATHEEEEE....

So on that note, I'll leave you with a video of Spring in our all the animals celebrate the new prince being born!

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