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Updated: Aug 30, 2019

I have babies!!! Lots and lots of babies! My little greenhouse is bursting with growth and if the weather doesn't show signs of winter ending soon, I'm going to have a flower garden in the family room and growing peas and Brussel sprouts on the dining room table...and honestly I'm kind of okay with that!

And remember the arugula I showed you last time? Well, I can almost have a salad now lol. These babies are ready to be planted outside with the Brussel sprouts and snap peas. I seriously can't wait for March to let us have some spring like weather. I say this as it's icing outside.


So what does one do that's just as exciting as watching seeds sprout? Well, watch paint dry of course! Yes, I finally started and eventually finished the master bed and bath paint job that I had been dreading since the last paint job. Like everything else in life, I've learned it's a mental game. A game that Bill does not like to participate all... He can build me a house from the ground up, but he LOATHES painting and everything that goes with it like PATCHING WALLS. By that I don't mean patching holes from screws or nails I used to hang my collection of useless dust collecting wall decor; I mean spans of wall that lazy and inadequate jack of all, master of none, hired handymen "fixed" prior to us ever buying this house. And those weren't the words Bill used in describing them. I am just trying to keep conversation at a PG versus R rating if you know what I mean. For the most part, outside of the seven continuous days of cussing from the love of my life, it didn't go too bad. I think the hardest mental part for me was narrowing down the color! And this is what we went with...

The dark color went into our bathroom which also has a wall that ties into the bedroom so it became an "accent" color. The middle color we used to paint the bedroom and the light color (Queen Anne's Lace) I used to paint the vanity and our television stand. Here's the bedroom wall before we painted...Bill had to do the edging because people my size have no business being 6+ inches off the ground so climbing a ladder to reach vaulted ceilings was out for me.

The light doesn't really help much. It really wasn't as "gold" as the picture shows, but it was definitely time for a change. The day after he edged the wall, I went ahead and painted it. Because the evening prior was a kaleidoscope of cuss words, I decided to "help" the circumstance by painting from a tall ladder to eleviate one job he would have to do when he came home from work. And guess what...I didn't fall. 🙌🏼 With that being said, I will tell you that I proudly prayed to Archangel Michael before I climbed the ladder steps...each time I had to climb the ladder steps. I'm not afraid of heights, but I'm a chiropractor's dream! Bad knees, very bad hip, rolling ankles, feet that seem to get in the way when walking, and you want to put me on a ladder 7 feet in the air, have me s-t-r-e-t-c-h while on the highest step of a ladder with no support and no one home but the dog. Yes, yes I would do it again if it meant one less night of cussing. But it didn't stop the cussing and I ended up doing it again to the opposite wall. 🤦🏻‍♀️

In all honesty, the ladder wasn't near as bad as the floor. What I can't understand is that I can't seem to find my knees on a daily basis, but as soon as I kneel on the ground BOOM, found them. It is so uncomfortable. Then I'm dragging my butt along the ground trying to find a comfortable sitting position to trim along the baseboard since my nonexistent knees are hurting, and as I drag, my pants are pulling my underwear down and I'm praying no one wants to FaceTime me. I told a friend that I was doing yoga poses that haven't even been created yet. Then came the bathroom. Oh.My. God. There was so much trimming/cutting in/edging, I thought I was gong to die. I have zero patience and it took me over 5 hours. Here comes the mental game. The only thing that got me through was telling myself how pretty it will look when it's finished. And how we will hire people to paint next time or live with outdated colors.

The fun part came after all the wall painting. It was time to decorate🤗 I had to go through everything and decide what to keep, what to repaint, what to sell in our future garage sale in April. I decided to paint our television stand because it's a great piece of furniture and the perfect size. The only problem is that it clashes in color with the bedroom furniture. Here's a picture of it to show you the color before I painted it and then after I painted it.

And see those little boxwood trees by the television? Well, the other day Bill came home from work and I told him, "I decoupaged today". His reply, "God Bless You" I sneezed or OTHER bodily functions which is what he was really implying...🤦🏻‍♀️ Then he laughed🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️. Anyway, these trees came in those ugly green plastic containers so rather than buy pots to stick them in, I decided to be crafty and buy some cute napkins for $3 and decoupage the containers!

Obviously this one has a crack, but after a little decoupage, you can't see it!🤗

I even decided to do the same thing to a tray that will hopefully be used to serve me breakfast in bed...someday! (oh the sarcasm that runs in this family...)

I also had some flower sconces (garage sale find number 381) and a mirror that I desperately wanted to use, but they were not the color I was going for. So off to the garage I went with the chalk paint in hand. Have you ever used chalk paint? It's amazing. No primer needed and it gives a "flat" paint look with a little dimension. Here are the sconces and mirror before I painted them.

I didn't want the warm gold color anymore and for the sconces, I wanted a "cement like" look. I mixed two colors to get what I was hoping for and what's amazing is you don't need a lot at all! Just a little chalk paint (and by little I mean like no more than 6 tablespoons) and some water and BOOM!

I love that it's not a "solid" color. That's what I adore about chalk paint! Oh, and not to get off subject, but see that table I used to paint on? Well, that was given to me as a gift a few years ago from my awesome and super husband! He built it with an old counter top, some chains and screws and a couple pieces of wood. He watched me paint so many different things and he felt like having this table would keep it eye level for me 😊. When you unhook the chains, the table drops down and becomes flush with the wall.☺️ He's brilliant I tell you!

Fortunately I had enough paint left from the vanity to paint this little desk as well. I bought this for $5 at a garage sale a couple years ago. It was part of a makeup vanity some young girls drew all over, but with a little paint, I had the perfect desk. Oh, and the wall sconce above it? Yard sale find number 218, just had to paint it!

A while ago, when we either moved to our second or third house, an old friend came over to have a tour. When we got to the master bedroom, I remember laughing when he said, "let's see the room where the magic happens"...😂 So here you go friends, the rooms where magic happens 😂 Oh, but first, can we talk about that vanity? I seriously don't know what I was on when I painted it brown last year...

But, thank God you can paint over paint!🙏🏼

And these plants will be so happy with all the humidity they'll receive! Can you see I had a little more fun "decoupaging"? (God bless me)

Now use your imagination as we still have to get carpet for this room so don't mind the painted purple floor😂 or the conversation piece known as the dog cage! I can't begin to tell you how beautiful and bright it is in the morning when Mother Nature isn't being bipolar. And clean! It's amazing how everything gets stored away nicely and wiped down, dusted off, sanitized, etc. when you go to re-do a room. We only have to get the carpet and add crown molding and it will be finished! Someday, when we get the money to do the project lol, I'll write about it! In the meantime, I just want to give a huge HAPPY BIRTHDAY shout out to my husband who through 5 years of dating, 28 years of marriage and now 51 years on the planet, still is the most wonderful and sexiest hardworking man I have ever known...even when he cusses 🥰 Happy Birthday Bill 🧁🧁

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