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Dreams I Didn't Know I Had...

Updated: Aug 30, 2019

I'm Ready! Yes, I'm ready for Spring...but looking outside today I still see junkos flying around my deck eating fallen seed. Junkos are my sure sign winter is coming or still here. But I don't care. February is a "transitional" month for me because I treat March like it's the beginning of Spring...even though we can still get major snow. I respect February, don't get me wrong. I mean, I decorate for Valentines...probably a little more than normal people 🥰

I even saw a little "heart" crochet pattern on Instagram and ran out to buy yarn just to try my hand at it and BAM...we now have a little heart bunting!

And I put little pink rose petals in my hurricanes, hung another bunting off the mantel, and yes, I had to have little heart lights!!! Right there at the kitchen sink to greet you all day long 😍 To top it off, I received the cutest Valentine card from the cutest of cutenesses, my nephew J.W. who at the ripe age of 1 1/2 years old, has shown his gift of blending a crayola that far exceeds his peers. 💕💕

Yes, romance is in the air here at our little suburban cottage, but with the spring like weather in January, 5 inches of snow afterwards, a polar vortex just over a week ago and then a monsoon the past 3 days, I couldn't help but dream of spring and all I want/need to get done.

Last weekend, with the warm sun and 60 degree temps, Bill walked out to the empty landscaping area of our local hardware store with the BIG CART and grabbed me the largest bag of potting soil (still frozen mind you)...sadly he grabbed the wrong "brand" and calmly, at least until he was out of eyesight, walked back and grabbed the "right" brand. Earlier that day I was in a different store and found these plastic food storage cups and tins on sale and thought, "why not!?". I mean, plastic is plastic and I wanted something cheap to get these seeds started.

And before you know it, I was off and planting! We have more of my favorites: Delphiniums, Foxglove, Canterbury Bells, Holly Hocks, Cupid's Heart, Sweet Pea, Chamomile, Basil, Chives, Thyme, Nasturtiums. I am even growing some cool weather vegetables...peas, arugula, and brussel sprouts! Brussel Sprouts are our newest favorite. Bill and I hate, I should say DESPISE Brussel Sprouts, but ever since we tried them oven roasted with this sauce we can't get enough!!! Literally , I think we are at the store buying fresh sprouts every week!

FYI, we, just the two of us, killed that pan! So, fingers crossed we are able to grow some this year! I also have some seeds I'm starting this weekend because they needed to be refrigerated before planting. They think it's "spring" when they come out of the fridge so then they start to germinate. 🤗

There are so many flowers and vegetables and herbs I like to grow that I forget what needs what and for the past couple of years I've written little things down so this year I decided to create my own journal that I can refer to more easily. Just something else to do while the weather is miserable lol. Who's rolling their eyes with a few of my family members? I like to think that someday one of my great great great grandchildren will appreciate this! 😂

In all honesty, I should be repainting our master bedroom and bathroom, but I'm dreading it. I know I'll be so incredibly happy when it's finished because it's the last room(s) that need to be painted...but...I'm being lazy and postponing it every week... and how can I think about painting when this is happening!?!

Can you believe it? 5 days and my arugula is on its way to become a salad! I woke up this morning and all three rows in the tin had completely taken form. Being that it is Friday, I made my way to the local book store to have breakfast and grab some gardening magazines to look over while eating. I was just "in the mood"! Then of course I come home to continue more gardening ideas on Pinterest and that was a usual. So many pictures of she-sheds that I so terribly want! Due to the fact that we are in a neighborhood with bi-laws that don't allow for sheds of any sort or green houses which I so terribly want as well, I'm only left to dream...

And CHICKENS!.... Here's one with chickens.... flowers, and vegetables, and EGGS oh MY!!!

All these garden dreams...Pinterest is a very dangerous thing. It gives me dreams I didn't know I had! Since I can't have any "outbuildings", I told Bill I'd settle for this instead...

Because THAT'S CHEAP!😂 Seriously though, think of the morning tea OR BREAKFAST for that matter in this conservatory. I'd never want to leave! Well, I wouldn't be able to afford to leave at that point 😂😂 And think of all the Valentine crocheted bunting I could hang!!🥰 lol

Happy ❤️ Day everyone! May your valentine, albeit animal, vegetable, mineral, or human, shower you with love, chocolates, flowers, chickens, or she-sheds!

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