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My 🤗 Emoji Is Being Put To Use!

Updated: Aug 30, 2019

And just like that, it's Spring! It's a beautiful spring day this 8th day of January! Mother Nature is such a tease. I am sitting here with my back kitchen door open trying to air out all the sick germies that have been accumulating thanks to my hard working husband! He has been sick THREE times since the beginning of December and each time it's been's even gotten to the point where the dog is sick!! So today I jumped on the opportunity to flush out the gross air and filter in the sunshine to rid the house of the nasties! 🤞🏼

Fortunately no one was ill over the holidays. Did you all have a wonderful holiday season? Are you glad it's over lol? I have to admit, this year was different for me. For some reason I didn't get that "I'm glad it's over" feeling. I mean, I'm not upset that it's over either, but all in all, it was a very nice Christmas season. Was Santa good to you? Santa is ALWAYS good to me and Santa always seems to figure out what it is I need...even when I didn't know I needed it! Ahhh, but this year, Santa baby was on point! This was one of my "yes, I listen to you" Santa gifts! God I love that Santa Claus!

Can't you just hear the song playing now? Well, if you've never watched it, then I guess that would be a NO lol. I am so excited to get watching because come this September it will be just like Christmas again for me when the movie comes out! Am I excited? Ha! My love for this puts Harry Potter fans to shame!

So how did you all celebrate the New Year? Bill and I actually stayed home and watched A Star Is Born and really really liked it. I was thrilled to see Lady Gaga get the Golden Globe for best song...She is such a talent, almost sings like the shower...when no one is home. Anyway, after watching that we headed up to bed to watch the countdown, but we both ended up on our phones watching other things. And wouldn't you know it, I just happened to look at the time right at midnight! Then came the annual Happy New Year kiss and Happy New Year text messages and then lights out! Hello 2019, I love that you let everyone sleep in the first day of the year.

The weekend after Christmas I took down all the decorations. I'm that person that can't handle looking at them after Christmas. However, I do try to keep out some "winter" decor, but that is very limited. It's just nice to have a clean clutter free house again. which brings me to what I REALLY enjoy at the beginning of the year...home and garden project planning!! And this is where Bill does this...🤦🏻‍♂️

Right about now is when I blow up my Pinterest boards with all kinds of home ideas. I like to find things to work on in the inside of the house the first couple of months of the year and then get those all done so we can work on the outside of the house when the weather is nice. This year I have a LIST of not so fun projects...from painting the master bedroom and bath to trim work to deck between all this I have to go garage sale-ing (online) and watch Downton 😂

So far this year I have cleaned up some clutter. I started by organizing the Christmas decor differently this year. Next will be the file cabinet. Yes, we still have a file cabinet! I can't bring myself to NOT have one. I don't trust the "cloud" so good ole fashion file folders and cabinet work for me. I also want to go through the clothes drawers and the closet. I'm pretty good about doing that a couple times a year so that shouldn't take long. Again, it just feels good to get organized and start fresh.

How about those resolutions? Like I said in prior posts, I don't make resolutions, but I'm still working on my "encouraged to try" list. One of my items on the list is to read a book a for some that's absolutely nothing, but for me, it's gotten to be a hard task. The reading isn't a task, it's the falling asleep while reading that has taken over! I never used to fall asleep when reading, but for the past couple of years, it has really knocked me out lol. Sooo, with that being said, I may change my item from book to...magazine! 😜 I love magazines, but I absolutely hate paying the price of them when I can turn to the computer for so much inspiration. However, I have to share something with you that I found.

One of my favorite stores in the history of ever is Barnes and Noble...well, really Barnes and Noble is my favorite because it's the most local. I just love book stores. I love libraries as well...yes, I am very strange, but I like peaceful environments and you can't get any more peaceful than a library...or church! And yes, I like churches!! So, last week I went into our local book store (B&N) and bought me a chai tea to have while I browsed. Honestly, that is like the ultimate perfect thing to do! So, while browsing the magazine section, I ran across a magazine I had never seen before...and as I was "perusing" the pages, my mind was blown! Where did this magazine originate? Why had I never seen this magazine before? Who is the this soul sister of a magazine developer?? So I looked and sure enough it was a fairly new magazine and I was holding Issue number 8! Of course I had to have it and my only question left is "how do I get issues 1-7?" What is this magazine called you ask? Well for some of my followers, especially in the UK, you may know of it. It is actually printed in the UK as well. It is called Daphne's Diary and although it doesn't say Anarita on it, it has my name written on every page! (pictured above with my tall glass of water!) I am in-love with this magazine! It's exactly how I would have a magazine if I could afford to have my own magazine! First, there's the artwork....watercolor😍. But, what's included in this magazine is what I'm in love with the most. There are recipes, cute cute cards to cut out of recipes. Then there are articles, letters from friends, advice columns, STICKERS...yes STICKERS! and oh my gosh I could go on...and I will!

The pages have this beautiful heavy paper, not slick magazine paper. Oh my gosh, there are crafts to do... I mean like CUT OUTS for you to craft! And get this!!! A COLORING page!!!

And wouldn't you know it, the topic I turned to when I first opened it:

🤗🤗🤗 Paris!!!! In the winter!!!🤗🤗🤗 I want so desperately to share with you every page, but obviously that would be a bit illegal, but you really need to get out there and find this magazine. Not only that, check out her website! Yes, I already subscribed for emails lol. I decided I don't want to sign up for the magazine subscription because I really enjoy going to the book store and will buy it then. The back cover states the next issue comes out Jan. 15th so guess what I'll be doing on Jan. 15th? Oh my, I'm browsing through it while I'm writing this blog and there's even a page (couple) you tear out to make an advent calendar! So completely freaking cute! Wait, here's the cutest thing ever...Daphne tells about herself briefly on the second page and she has two children...Anne and Barney! Barney!!!!!! Such a perfect little boy's name😌 Her idea for this magazine comes from the diaries that she writes daily so she shares all the things I love from cooking to gardening to decorating to crafting to diaries/journals...

So, 2019, you just keep on surprising me with all these new things! Now it's time to run off and cook dinner for the hardworking almost 100% feeling better husband of mine! Happy New Year's everyone and I hope you have a year of fun and excitement starting off for you like I am!

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