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Red, White And Some Tiffany Blue...

Happy July folks! If you've followed along on my blog, then I'm sure you realized it's been a whole MONTH since I posted last. I personally can't believe June has come and gone, but yes, it has, and yes I have stayed very busy. And for those who have been "really" following along, I just wanted to say...HAPPY ANNIVERSARY TO US! Lol, can you believe it! Today marks my one year 'Going Live' anniversary of my blog and it's been completely therapeutic, educational, and fun. There has been so much to learn in the computer/internet world and I just continue to take baby steps in hopes that one day I will become pretty knowledgeable. The most important thing I've learned about blogging though is "why" I'm doing it. Like I said, it's very therapeutic, like journaling, only I don't get hand cramps from writing and I don't have to cut and glue pictures. But for you all, I hope it's inspirational. Whether it gives you courage to get out there and blog as well or gives you motivation to want to do a special or certain project around the house, or maybe even gets you pumped to just jump in the car and see what great garage sale find is out there, that's what I hope you get to walk away with after reading a post or two. With that being said, here's a toast to 🥂 us in our first year together! CHEERS!


I'm sure June was just as busy for you as it was for me. June can be defined with so many activities. First there are ALWAYS June brides! It's the perfect month of late spring and early summer blooms for those sunny weddings. Not to mention, humidity NORMALLY doesn't occur 'till later in the month around here...but not this year! Then, throw in a few graduations! Congratulations to all my friends out there with the graduation of their son/daughter/or grandkid! Yes, our family has been celebrating all those events as well, and unfortunately even a funeral. On the flip side of events, we have been busy with house projects. I'm sure you remember in my last post how I started painting the dining room and living room...yea, that snowballed to the foyer, second floor landing and hallway, to the kitchen, and even to the kitchen cabinets...and I'm pooped!


But, before I share some photos of the finished rooms, I want to congratulate the latest (over a month ago!) winner to my giveaway. If you remember, I found at a garage sale the cutest Yankee Candle topper that came with a matching plate. It was a garden themed topper and the winner was randomly chosen from my blog subscribers. It's always funny to see email addresses pop up because some are pretty obvious as to who they belong to, but some you have no idea who they belong to. When this email address was chosen, I didn't recognize it, so, for me, it was just as exciting to send the email out announcing that he/she won as it would have been if I won something! So a huge congratulations to Julie Marie from Utah! What was really exciting for me was that Julie Marie and I follow each other on Instagram, which is a huge source of inspiration for me. I had no idea it was her email address and was so excited when I got a reply that it was her!!! Now, if you are an Instagrammer, you need to check her out! She has such cute pictures!! It's funny how I've found so many "in common" friends all from their pictures. You can find her at Sweetwildviolets. I💕her Instagram! ❤️

So, here we go! The dining room was dark. Very very dark brown. Gorgeous dark brown. I distinctly remember the paint swatch name being Top Hat (that's how dark it was). One thing I love about dark colors is the warmth I feel. It's like dark colored walls are hugging you when you walk into the room. But, if you know me, prior to buying this house, we've always had dark colored walls or a dark colored accent wall...and I was ready for a change. I marked 2018 the year of big changes so of course I had my mind set on doing some big changes. But, I think I lost my mind after I painted the first room. I told Bill I wanted to brighten the room. It faces the evening sun and it's a potent sun. I really wanted to make use of the sunshine and decided to stray away from our forever faithful warm colors and go neutral to cool toned. And so I did. The result scared me. At first I wanted to kick myself and throw in the towel and cry. It wasn't what I was hoping for at all. Then it dawned on me, with Bill's help, it's not the color I don't like, it's what surrounds it and what we have in it. All the decor and furniture is warm, the surrounding room colors are warm; throw in dark hardwood floors and you have yourself a nauseating mess. I say that because I don't do abstract very well. So, that is where I decided I was going to have to paint the family/living room and foyer/second floor landing. Which also meant I had to sell most of the decor I couldn't spray paint...and buy new 😬

Can you see my little added 'french blue' or 'Tiffany blue' (totally French!) throughout the rooms? I'm obsessed with French Country and of course I couldn't do without my roosters, so I made sure to keep those here and there as well. LOTS OF SPRAY PAINTING that's for sure!

I was hoping and praying that I wouldn't have to paint the kitchen. We both loved the olive colored walls, but sadly, the olive on the walls had a gold undertone and gold =warm...So I found a neutral taupe color. Really thought that was going to be it, but I'm pretty sure you have figured out I couldn't be so lucky. The walls made the light almond/cream colored cabinets take on a nicotine color (for lack of a better word). I was crushed. I mean, couldn't ONE thing go right? To say the love of my life was not happy was putting it as mildly as one can. First, he hates white...with a passion. Then I go and take all the warm colors he loves and flush them down the toilet. FYI, the family/living room above was a deep rust color. Throw in having to buy new decor (and still in desperate need of more!) and the cost of all the paint...well, I was pretty sure he was going to serve me papers! So what do I do? I go and paint the cabinets white and went on Amazon for a couple things 😬

I was tired of trying to match cool and neutral so I just went with the color Chantilly Lace for the cabinets...TOTALLY French, right? Boom! Then I spray painted my wire baskets, but added the blue to the bird on top, which is the same color I painted the mantel and the buffet in the dining room. I even found ceramic canisters with roosters 💕 And thank goodness for Pinterest. When we painted our cabinets the first time, we spray painted the handles black (to cut on cost). I didn't want them black anymore and I found a technique that took the spray paint off all of them within a half an hour with no effort on my part! This is where the clouds part in the sky and you hear "Laaaaaaaaa". 😇

See those handles!?! "Laaaaaaa" and the knobs! Look at the cute knobs I found! The advertisement said 12 to an order, but when I received them, I only received 10. I called to let them know and they refunded me the entire cost, told me to KEEP THE ORDER and if I wanted to reorder I could. Well I needed more so I went ahead and ordered again! Two sets for the price of one...winner winner rooster dinner!

Then back to spray painting I went! I couldn't part with these roosters so I two toned them! (below)

And I wanted to show you one of my garage sale finds! So, this man was having a sale and he told me they were moving out of state. I happened to glance over and saw this adorable cart. When I approached it, there was a "love quote" stenciled in French on it. To be honest, I don't know what it says and for all I know it's not a love quote, but I wanted it and wanted it really really bad. Being that I didn't have room in my car and it would need Bill's truck, I decided to ask the man if he would take my number and if it doesn't sell, then it was meant to be mine and I would buy it. Of course, come around 3:00 pm that afternoon, my phone rings, I bargained down a little bit, and Bill and I went to pick it up! And the clouds parts again..."Laaaaaaaa".

I think what got me was the color and the fleur de lis. I have this immense weakness for fleur de lis and have absolutely no reason why! I put this in the dining room temporarily until the rest of the rooms were painted, but here it is in its new home! We have an area above our front door that allows for some bigger pieces to sit and I thought it would be perfect there!

Can you see how bare the walls are? It all still looks so naked! Plus, I have been so hesitant to hang anything on the walls and make a new hole lol. After all the painting, I want to be 157% sure of what I hang! And the wall you're looking at was once an orangie gold color! Coming in the front door, this these two roosters greet you. I love the little bit of red the pops with all the white. ..there it is again, that fleur de lis!

All this painting has kept me inside and I honestly think it was for the best! The humidity here in northern Kentucky has been so bad...and just as bad is our electric bill with the air conditioner running non stop. However, the garden has yielded our first batch of cucumbers that Bill promptly used to make his signature sweet pickles! And our bartlett pears are starting to take shape and look like real pears. I actually came up with an idea that will hopefully save our pears from night foraging critters...think carpet tack strips...🤓 fingers crossed this works! All my herbs are in full growth mode-even got to pick some chamomile blooms! And right now, the birds are stripping petals from our sunflowers to make it easier to get to the seed! I'm so glad I had a few extra starter plants left and were able to use them in pots😍

So tomorrow we celebrate our country's independence. I have Old Glory hanging on the pole, sadly hanging still due to the lack of a summer breeze. Tomorrow temps are going to be extremely hot...heat index says it's going to feel like 107 degrees which equates to 42 for my European friends. I'm not sure if Bill and I will make our annual treck to the high school to sit on the hill to watch the fireworks around the city, but if we do, I'm pretty certain we will have the A/C on in the car! For those of you here in the US celebrating, I wish you all a wonderful and less humid July 4th celebration! HAPPY BIRTHDAY AMERICA!

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