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A Global Affair 🇬🇧...

Hey all are you READY?!?! It's Royal Wedding Weekend and guess who's all set to go! Yep, this Royal Guest right here!

Lol, I like to think this gold embossed beauty arrived via a crafted box laced with gold ribbon and addressed to me and the Mr., but considering I never received the special delivery, I'm left to assume that I wasn't one of the handful of Americans that were invited... But that's okay. Plan B was implemented this morning and if you read my last blog post then you know what that entailed.

Being that the run to the grocery store for the Royal Wedding would undoubtedly be compared to a major snowfall about to take place, I made sure to be there early. As luck would have it, these delicacies pictured above were on sale (buy one get one) and fortunately all the tables were still full so I had choices! (are you hearing my sarcasm?) In all honesty, the store was pretty empty probably due to all those sleeping in now so they're bright eyed for the early morning events 😉. Not me! This anglophile probably won't sleep!

To help "decorate" for the big event I was glad the store was free of customers. It allowed me to stroll in one big circle over and over searching for little bunches of flowers to put together in a bouquet. Nothing beats a beautiful bouquet...other than a real florist...that I MOST DEFINITELY AM NOT! I really do like to put home decor together and mix things up a bit like textures and colors, but by God I am NOT the most talented at putting flowers in a vase. I know the basics, like cutting the stems and putting water and food packet together, but once the flowers go in, it's like a bad hair day! Seriously!

My goal was to have this fresh frilly wedding feel bouquet and instead I feel like I got a garden of pink hair and dandruff...Oh well, I'm probably the only one going to look at it, so it will have to do. And don't you just love the tea cup??? GARAGE SALE FIND last year! Who would think to sell this?? And to think they were probably sitting there asking themselves, "Who would buy this?" So, today I found it fitting to grab a quick picture or my floral creation and a garage sale find to kick off the celebration. And you know what I'm truly excited about? Well, a couple of things really, but first this...

For those of you who were "there with me in spirit" watching Will and Kate's wedding, you undoubtedly remember this little scene above! It is tradition that the groom faces forward until the bride arrives and I ABSOLUTELY LOVE when Harry, being all rebel and little brotherish, got to see her come up the aisle, stand at his brother's side, and look just as excited as Will probably was! And now it's HIS TURN to have to face forward. I don't know what it is, but for some reason I can honestly see him try to fight back tears tomorrow...but being that Will and he have this humorous relationship, I can see Will easing the mood by making some joke!

I don't know, I could be wrong. With all the tensions with Meghan's family I'm sure the both of them just want it to get here already. So what else am I looking forward to seeing? Well, to start, watching Prince Charles walk Meghan down the aisle. If that really does happen, I would think he is probably feeling very honored. (Chuck gets a bad rap most of the time, but he's an older man now and I like to look at him more as a grandpa than husband to Lady Di lol). I, being all American and whatnot, would just as soon see her mom walk her down the aisle, but at the same time, being a mom, I would also love to be at the end of the aisle watching her walk down the aisle. Next, her gown of course and most definitely Harry's reaction; then, the curtsy to the Queen. And lastly, the balcony kiss.

And on that note, I bid you all a beautiful weekend to come. To those romantic souls out there joining me tomorrow morning, I raise my glass of orange juice to toast the romantic hearts of the world and cheers to the new Duke and Duchess of.... (hmmmm possibly Sussex??) We will see!

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