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Hey everyone! It's an exciting time around here right now! I'll let you guess why...

garage sale

Yes, it's garage sale time! This is a picture of the first garage sale I found of the season. I was elated, to say the least, and didn't find anything here, but I was not discouraged. I soon found other sales and made great buys totaling $4 😂 Yes, I know, $4 doesn't sound like much, but we all know, it's the little this

decorative pillows

Cute little pretty pillows for our bed because according to the sarcastic love of my life, "we don't have enough pillows on our bed". In all honesty, I really don't think you could ever have enough cute pillows on a bed!

pink tray and tea infuser

And this! Okay, everyone pretty much has a good idea how I love tea and my favorite shapes are hearts and moons so look what I found♥︎↑ Yes, a heart shaped tea infuser!💕 AND the cutest pink vintage tray! LOVE IT! Oh I swear, you have no idea how bad I want to open a little store! Have you ever watched the show Ghost Whisperer? 👻 You know the cute little store she ran? Yes, that's what I want! Ghosts and all 😂.

I have been so excited for this time of year. I kind of get bummed when I can't find a good sale though. Last week I had zero luck. It was like no one wanted to put anything good out to sell lol. So, I did the next best thing...I went to a consignment shop. The one I went to has both clothes and home decor. I had been there once before, so with a little time to kill I thought I'd take a ride and visit and see if they had anything that might catch my eye...and wouldn't ya know it...something did! When shopping, I like to do a quick 'once over' and then go back and do a little more thorough search/browse. Well, on my initial 'once over', I saw something and it literally struck a MUST HAVE chord in me. Of course the store had several women in it, so noting this, I didn't want to show my excitement and I kind of just turned my head a little to the left and then a little to the right, giving the "just browsing/looking around" movements when in fact my eyes were glued to this priceless treasure. So, I calmly walked away, not touching or picking up the item, but just calmly making my way around the store continuing my 'once over', except with a little more speed! After not seeing anything else and frequently looking back to make sure no one was in my targeted area, I made my way back and picked up the item. Of course the price tag was the first thing I had to look at. Hmmm, looked fairly priced and extremely reasonable...then I checked it out for any "damages"...none noted. Matter of fact, it looks brand spankin' new! JACKPOT! This baby is going home with me! And here it is!

London Calling purse

Isn't it wonderful!?!?! I LOVE IT! It had my name all over it and I couldn't wait to get it home! And when I did, my loving family's reaction was EXACTLY what I thought it would be...the look of 🤭 "ohhhhh...I'm sure there were hundreds of women fighting over it..." Regardless, my heart was happy and now I have an absolutely adorable purse to use when I go to England in 47 years. So excited!!!

And, since I refuse to talk about the bi-polar midlife crisis Mother Nature seems to be having, not many people have felt the desire to sit out in the cold and have a garage sale so some have defaulted to selling online. Never fear, I'm also looking online friends. I will not let Mother Nature's midlife crisis deter me! Well, wouldn't you know it, I hit the jackpot there, too! I was so shocked to see this treasure because I honestly never saw one before. A couple of years ago while visiting Amishland, Bill and I found this cute little historic town about 20 minutes north of where we were visiting. The little town actually had a General Store and in it I found the cutest three tiered deep red basket stand with a little bird finial. And Bill's ever classic statement was, 'if you want it, get it'. And get it I did. It has been lovingly displayed and used in the center of my kitchen island.😌 BUT...I shockingly found it's twin sister!!! Yes, and it lived only 20 minutes away from my house!!! And it was $10 cheaper than the one we originally bought! Jackpot! Only, I was sick so I couldn't pick it up. So, I asked my daughter who I'm sure heard the desperation in my voice, if she would mind meeting the lady and picking it up and she did...(of course she had to sarcastically explain to the lady that only HER mom had one exactly like it and WOULD happen to find another one to which even the lady was surprised because she had never seen one like it! HA!) and TA-DA, here they are ☺️

Three tiered baskets

I hate that the bird finials are blurry in the picture, but you get the idea!💕

Well, if you've been following my blog, you also know from a previous post that our community is getting ready to have a garage sale and it's literally a week away. This year I have decided to participate in it with hopes of freeing up space and eliminating what I thought was wise to save, but have turned into dust collecting agents. So for that past few days we he been scanning and reorganizing and I have been coming to grips with letting go of some items. With that being said, I have been thinking about having my first ever give-away. I want this to be fun and simple and it's based on garage sale treasures I find! Of course every give-away has to have some rules, but rules aren't fun so I decided, no rules lol. There are, however, steps you have to take to earn an entry. I will list the steps below the picture of the first give-away and I hope to make it very easy for everyone!

So, without further ado, the first give-away I have is....

A extremely pretty and collector's Marilyn Monroe purse AND a cute padded cover book titled Simple Words of Wisdom- 52 Virtues for Every Woman....Marilyn Monroe and Virtues...goes perfect together ☺️ The picture doesn't do the purse justice, but if you look carefully you will see on the front of the purse, the necklace actually sparkles (the back does not). The inside is immaculate and the handle is wood beaded. Super cute!

Marilyn Monroe purse and Virtue book

And this is all you have to do!

1) Sign up (on the home page) to subscribe to my blog emails. If you are already signed up, BOOM, you already have an entry! The winner MUST be signed up to the blog.

2) Follow me on Instagram and like the give-away post for an EXTRA entry. Remember, winner has to be subscribed to the blog. This is just an extra entry.

3) Like/Follow my Facebook page for a third entry.

If you do all three, which a lot of you already do, you are already signed up and have three entries to your name. I have a random picker that will choose a winner next Friday evening! Deadline for the contest is Friday, April 27th at high noon! Winner will immediately be notified and posted in the next blog! I'm so excited!!!!!

Have a great weekend everyone! Hopefully you all get a chance to hit up a couple garage sales!!🚗🚙 me☛🚛

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