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Busy Hands...

My hands are freezing...again. They've been like this for about 6 months now and I probably have some iron deficiency, but who knows. It doesn't help that this morning the sun was shining so bright and the air actually felt amazing so I did what I normally do on any beautiful spring day...I opened my back door.

My back door doesn't have a screen door. It's just a solid back door with a large full length piece of glass (top to bottom) which makes it very nice to see out of and just as scary knowing anyone can see in. Over the years I've had several people visit and ask, "are you going to leave your door open?" with my nonchalant reply of "yes, why?". I guess I've done this for so long that I don't really see the abnormality in it, but I'm quickly brought to a realization as soon as the inevitable and repetitive questions start... "Don't birds fly in?", "Don't the bugs come in your house", or the best one, "why?". I love the fresh air. No lie, the back door is open every minute I'm home if the weather is nice. I feel like if I lived on a farm somewhere, it's exactly what I would do. On occasion I think it would be nice to have a screen door, but our dogs loved to go in and out so much that it was just easier to leave it open. And since it was a sunshiny day, I wanted our new pup to start getting used to the door being open as well. And to encourage her to go out, I decided to do this...

Can you see the morning sun beating off the brick wall? It was so warm and my hands were excited to get playing with seeds and dirt! In January and February I like to get online and search through Pinterest for new garden and landscaping ideas. Bill LOVES to be out in the yard so I am always looking at projects for him to do 😉. He may role his eyes like he's probably doing right now reading this, but he is very good at building and putting my ideas together, not to mention an incredible gardener! But March has arrived and I need to get started on my seeds so they can get established before I start hardening them off before planting in the yard.

I have this unwavering desire to have a gorgeous and large greenhouse in my yard. Sadly, the first house we owned didn't have room for one and when we moved to Kentucky we somehow found a way to buy homes that have Homeowner's Associations. The bylaws for the mentioned associations all stipulated no sheds and/or greenhouses which of course crushes my heart...So I try to make-do. Since I can't have one in my yard, I might as well have one in my house...don't get me started on the conservatory I would die to have, too! A few years ago, Bill bought me this little job...

It's a fairly inexpensive greenhouse on wheels made of cheap plastic and wrapped in even cheaper plastic. We finally got smart and found ways to keep it together since it's quality isn't the best lol. As you can see, we've siliconed the joints and even had to duct tape the plastic near the zippers! Don't laugh!!!

And all those water marks on the plastic is from me spraying some water to create some humidity. It may be cheap, but it works 😌. This year I have it situated in our kitchen because our son is now home occupying the room where I started the seedlings. It's a very warm room and if worse comes to worse, I'll be moving it back in there! But today I took advantage of the weather and Kimber and I made our way outside to get started.

I'm not sure if you could see (from my earlier picture) the amount of seeds we bought this year, but being that we're not permitted to have a vegetable garden (same dumb homeowner's association rule), we "landscape" the side of our house with vegetables 😜. Every year we change it up a little bit, mainly based on the success of certain vegetables. This year we're growing cucumbers, peppers, peas, green beans, zucchini, tomatoes, and cherry tomatoes. As for flowers, ironically after going through Pinterest, I always always always go back to a nice English garden of Foxgloves, Canterbury bells, holly hocks, delphiniums, zinnias, lupines, and larkspurs. I already have some of these in our yard as well as cleomes, roses, columbines, coreopsis, lillies, iris, hydrangeas, and peonies, etc. I believe a yard can't have enough color and texture!! And I like seasonal blooming. I don't want something to bloom and then that's it until the following year, leaving your yard to be decorated by green and sometimes not so green shrubbery. So the little pods you see above are for the vegetables. The larger containers will be for flowers and herbs. And OH YES we must have herbs! There is nothing like running your hand up and down the foliage of an herb plant and sniffing the aroma! Nevermind the personal satisfaction of cooking with your own homegrown vegetables and herbs!

To get started, I had to get these puppies soaked! I decided while they were soaking and opening up I would start the rest of the flower seeds in the large tray and some individual pots. I bought this rosemary because it is one of the slowest seed starters and it makes me feel better knowing something is growing already lol.

I cut into the bottom of the biodegradable pot it came in just so the roots would have a little breathing room. And here's a pic of the biodegradable pot-I put soil in and around it after placing it in the new pot. Look at that sun shining on the outdoor table!

After getting all the flower seeds planted, I stirred up the pods that grew to about 3 times their initial start. Oh, and Kimber...well being that she HAS to have either Bill or I in her ever present sight, she decided to do this...

I mean, who wouldn't want to sleep in the warmth of the sun while your human is busy. Just to be sure, she planted herself right in front of the door so I couldn't get past her without waking her! Smart puppy... (I think it's time to change out the welcome mat to a more spring inspired one!)

I then put the vegetable seeds in them, packed in some more good potting soil, watered, marked them accordingly, and put the lid on them. It took a little time, but here's all my seeds in their new home! After all these get going, I will transplant a bunch of them into some bigger containers then harden them off when the weather gets nicer and it's closer to putting them in the ground. I'm so excited!!! I just love looking in, misting with some water and getting all anxious when I start to see sprouts!!🤓

About the time I finished cleaning up, the sun got trapped behind some thick clouds and the temperature started dropping. Thank goodness I was finished. To warm up I decided to have some hot tea. ☕️

While waiting on the water, I decided to pull out my Garden Journal. Have I ever mentioned my Garden Journal? I don't know if I have! Well, if not, I have a Garden Journal and to be honest, it is one of my favorite journals! I decided to document all the 'happenings' around our yard since 2013. We actually started tearing up and changing the yard in 2011, but I didn't think to journal any thing then, which upsets me because you would have DIED to see the yard when we first moved in back in 2009! Anyway, the journal is full of pictures (like a scrapbook) and all kinds up written updates from the vegetable garden to all the flowers that may or may not have survived, to new projects Bill did like building me an arbor one day to installing a granite top on my outdoor deck table, and even pictures and updates of animal visitors including birds and owls! I would love to publish it because it's so colorful! (maybe someday!) Here's a couple pages!

But the reason I took it out today was because in the back of the journal, I wrote all kinds of notes. These notes help me remember what grows best where, etc. and sometimes what to plant next to what. And right now I need to plan where everything is going to live!

Well, the water is ready and my hands can't wait to wrap around the warm mug! Oh, one last note. Remember my post about planting my Valentine roses from my bouquet? Well, it hasn't been a month yet, but I wanted to show you the results!

It's hard to see through the condensation, but each stem has large amounts of foliage growing!! Looks like I'll be finding some space for Bill to plant some roses this year!☺️

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