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Moderation Is So Overrated...

Did I ever tell you I'm a collector...

Susan Branch collection of mugs

Evidently, I'm a misunderstood collector. I feel some people confuse the terminologies 'collector' with what I believe is 'passion'. If I collect something, it's to "gather" together an object for using it in a future project. For instance, I'm sure you all have seen those Altoid mints at the check out lines in the grocery store. About a year and a half ago, I found the cinnamon ones and couldn't get enough of them. So, every two weeks or so I found myself going through a tin of mints. I even started buying the small size to keep in the car. Out of no where, I just felt the urge to keep the tins when I finished eating the mints. I kept telling myself that there has to be a "project" on Pinterest that could use these tins! So, I started 'collecting' them for a future unknown project 🤓. Before you know it, I have 50 tins stacked up on a shelf with absolutely no purpose! I even started collecting other style tins from other types of mints 😬. I have since been kindly (I use that term loosely) asked about their purpose and my 'obsession' (yes, the terminology has now changed) several times to the point it was time to move them to an undisclosed place of safety for fear of them being slowly tossed away...

That is how I define collecting.

Now, it was also kindly pointed out (again, loosely with eyes rolling🙄) that I'm collecting tea. I believe THIS is not a collection, it is more of a passion...As the picture below suggests, I do have a VARIETY of tea bags. One may confuse this variety as a 'collection' being that I have several kind. But, tea has a drink. I want to be able to have choices. I am PASSIONATE about all the different flavors as well as the smells and therapeutic aspects each blend provides. See where I'm going here? 🤨 However, I did forget I had more tea in the cabinet above this basket! Oh, and yes, the two white canisters next to the basket also have tea bags in them...😬

collection of tea

collection of more tea

But in defense of the eye-rolling, 'kindly pointing out' person that has made a lifetime commitment to loving me in sickness and in health (physical and mental!), I am passionate about owls, lamps, Susan Branch, and roosters or as my son NOT SO KINDLY refers to as chickens, and I do have several collections of each with the sole purpose of being plastered all over our house so that you don't have a choice but to see my passions. I guess I just never adapted to the word MODERATION.

Which brings me to something else I am passionate about...hearts. And, it's HEART MONTH! I LOVE 💕 hearts! I am a romantic, as most of you know and I love what hearts stand for. I didn't even realize I have them throughout our bedroom and my office. I love to pick them up at garage sales (evidently along with lamps...and roosters) or stores, especially this time of year!😍 We were at the grocery store two weeks ago and I saw the cutest bag with hearts. 💘 Of course that certain eye-rolling person 🙄 kindly asked what I planned to do with it if I bought it and without hesitation I answered, "I don't know, but it's pretty". Isn't it???⤵️

What I didn't realize is that I also have a collection of bags...😳

Did I ever tell you I'm consistent?

Whatever your passion, go out and collect it, live it, embrace it❣️ From me and my funny, eye-rolling, full of ❤️ Valentine to you, have a Happy Valentines Day 💝.

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