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Updated: Aug 30, 2019

Today is rainy Wednesday and for the first time in a very long time, I am sitting in bed watching the clock tick away. It's actually a little weird sitting here though because my mind is telling me I'm wasting the day and my body is telling me not to listen to my mind. Too many voices in my head lol.

So, during the many hours of sitting here, I can't believe all the "sounds" I have heard. I used to think we live out in the country. At least it felt that way when we first moved here from Cincinnati. But over the course of 17 years, a lot has changed in this area. Earlier when I woke up I heard birds. The all too familiar sound of the blue jay screaming at something; either a hawk which we have been seeing quite a bit of lately or my back door, hoping it will open and I will walk out with the bird feeders. Of course there were other birds making their early calls and singing before the rain started. Our bathroom, being connected to our bedroom, has a window in it as well and out the window I heard the rustling of leaves...the over populated squirrel. And he is having a field day getting all the hickories to drop to the ground because all I'm hearing is THUG as one hits the earth.

The sounds of nature are pretty calming and fortunately we get to hear many in our little yard. But, the sounds of humans seem to overtake it more than I would like. I've gotten pretty good identifying which neighbor is leaving their house by the start of their vehicle. I can tell what day it is when I hear the garbage cans being drug out before the sun rises. I know what time it is by the screaming of the kids at the bus stop. I know I am running late if I hear the train that's a few miles away yet clearly sounds like it's in my backyard. Shoot, thanks to a very frazzled mother I have never met, I can tell you her triplet's names because evidently trees and shrubs are not sound barriers...Hannah is the girl, Alex is her brother, and Owen is evidently the devil's spawn.

And right now I'm listening to rain hit the big leaves that surround our house. The wind is mildly blowing, but it's not loud enough to cover the sound of the muffler that someone desperately needs to replace. And now I hear a diesel son is home... Is this what it's like for the many who are blind? I'm sure it's probably more intensified. I can only imagine...

Well, I have planned to do a little crafting this week. I have some seasonal yard decor that needs some painting and some picture frames that I want to paint as well. I'm even contemplating opening an online store to sell some of the garage sale finds that have overtaken the house. I clearly have a problem and don't want to start collecting and storing items in the basement. The hard part is going to be rummaging through each room and deciding what I want to part with... But I think it's time.

Next month we will be heading to Virginia to visit our youngest daughter. We will be staying in Williamsburg again and of course there will be some shopping :). Then the following week we will be back home and heading back up to Amish land in Ohio. Sadly, (or happily, I can't decide lol) most of our mini vacations are centered around food and that's normally what we spend our money on! I can't wait to fill you in with all the pictures of goodies we end up buying! But as for now, I think I will get up and make use of the hours I have before I go into work! I keep hearing a sound that isn't all too belly... and it's telling me to feed it brunch! Have a happy Wednesday. It's hump day and I just thought I'd throw in an unexpected tidbit blog post! Gosh, don't these donuts look amazing? They're from last year's trip to Amish land...

amish baked goods

Oh and Happy Birthday to my first born grand puppy Bane. He's a complete nut and the poster child for Adderall. We all love him and he keeps everyone on their toes!


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