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Morning Dew and Cow Poop

Updated: Aug 30, 2019

This morning I took a very anxious friend of mine to the airport so she could catch her flight to Pennsylvania to visit her sister. This required me to set my alarm for a very early time. To be honest, my phone has many saved alarm times already programmed in it, but this was a completely foreign time for my phone! Pretty obvious I'm not a morning person. I will say though, I've always wanted to be a morning person, but my desire never outweighed my need for warmth and sleep. I'm pretty sure I would have failed miserably if I were a farmer...

a moon's greeting

The moon above greeted me on my drive to my friend's. I have no idea what my infatuation is with the moon, but I'm always drawn to it and love watching it change night to night, month to month, season to season. Sadly, I can never take one of those gorgeous pictures of it when it is exploding with beautiful peach or purple or pink colors.

As I was driving home from the airport, I found myself "looking" for the moon. Probably not a good idea driving in morning rush hour traffic. I kept wondering if anyone else found it so pretty and if they ever get the urge to take pictures of it like I do. The drive to and from the airport wasn't very long at all, but I could not believe all the different sights that I miss in the morning by not being awake so early. With the weather changing, there was mist rising off the local ponds and it was gorgeous! Here's a flyby picture I took of one this morning!

Sorry it's so grainy and blurry. It was either this or remove both hands from the wheel and take out a morning jogger. But there I was again, looking for the moon and probably looking like some house creeper stopping between homes trying to get a good picture.

Eventually I gave up and headed home. I decided since I was awake that i would stop home, feed the backyard birds, grab a tea and head to one of my favorite parks and go for a morning walk. The cool air was energizing so I wanted to make the most of the morning before heading to work.

While I was putting out the bird food, I had to stop and admire our sweet autumn clematis that finally came into bloom. It normally blooms in August, but it took its time this year. Bill and I have always appreciated our backyard facing the east and this morning was no exception. The sunrise peeks through the mature trees and always gives us this filtered morning glow and because it's partly shaded, the morning dew tends to last longer on the potted plants that blanket our deck. And it makes for the perfect setting for breakfast in the morning.

sweet autumn clematis

Having the big fountain adds soothing sounds of a running stream and then toss in the songs of all the birds calling out for their morning meal and you've got yourself a little piece of heaven.

So I headed to the park and again, the drive was gorgeous. I didn't even mind being slowed down by the local farmer on his big farm machine in the road. The park was quiet of people, but not of birds and the paths still had morning dew on them. From the distance I could hear the cows and before you know it, I was walking by the farm that housed those cows and was greeted with the fresh smell of cow poop. Life in the country! I love it!

Look at the morning sun bouncing off the sprinkler. Everything was waking up! I didn't want to feel rushed today so I had my Pandora going listening to Tommy Dorsy and Benny Goodman and just dreaming away. Time slows down with the right music :) While walking and while driving home, I couldn't find the moon. With all the other sights, I guess she felt it was a good enough time for her to disappear until this evening. So, wherever you are in the world, I hope you get the opportunity to take in the beauty of the Harvest Moon this evening. Grab a jacket if your weather is cool like our's is in northern Kentucky and take some pictures as she shines at you tonight! You're welcome to send them to me as well! I'd love to see how she smiles at you!

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