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I Caved...

Updated: Aug 30, 2019

Happy Monday everyone! I'm sitting here reflecting on my weekend and quite literally enjoying my clean house at the moment, mainly because this happened...

Nope, I couldn't wait. As most of you know, I loathe summer and I was ready for it to be over when it started. I tolerate it to say the least and I truly do try to look for the perks in it. I love our gardens, both flower and vegetable, I LOVE the yard sales that always seem to offer the best homemade chocolate chip cookies and lemonade sold by the area's cutest kids, I love the smell of fresh cut grass, I love that the sun is up before I am, and I love a good summer thunder storm...but, I'm pretty done with all of it except the yard sales :) That's why this past Sunday I caved. I tried to wait for September and in the past I even waited a little later into the month of September to put out the autumn decor, but not this year. It started with the temperatures.

We've had some very mild and cool evenings here of late and Friday, after a nice home cooked dinner, we just chilled in this living/family room. I was so comfortable on the couch just staring up at the flickering candle. (this was before the autumn decor came out of the bin!)

Bill and I were just talking about the possibilities of a bad winter this year. I recalled running into a black "wooly worm" on one of my morning walks and how that's suppose to be a sign of a bad winter. And, due to the fact that we haven't had a bad winter in some time, I kind of think we should probably expect one soon. Then we got to giggling thinking about our one daughter and how much she loves winter and snowmen. I remember how she was mad at the snowplow man one year and decided to sit out in front of our house on a mound of snow that was already created at the curb just to keep him from dumping more snow in the same spot. I think she was hoping that he'd see her and not plow the street since there was no place to dump it. He fooled her lol. She's also my nostalgic one. She loves to bundle up and go outside to shovel and build snowmen, but before she heads out, she always says to me, "Can you have hot chocolate ready when I come in?" She's the one who loves to have a wood burning fire going, too. Yes, this is definitely my child. She sees the beauty in every season! And like me, I KNOW she loves autumn; actually it's the only season our whole family loves :)

Early Friday, I decided to test my luck at some garage sales. About this time of year it's hard to find a good one or two; it's normally a moving sale, which in my case, it was. And what a lucky dog I was, too! I saw these two candles on these wooden paddle boards that had little pie tins mounted to them. Totally and completely primitive and so up my alley, especially for autumn decor. You can't tell, but the candles are hollowed out so I can use tea lights or battery operated flickeringlights if I choose. How fun, right? She told me when I went to purchase them that I was getting such a great deal because she had purchased the set at a little shop somewhere in Kentucky for about $50-$60, which I believe because I've seen similar in Amish land. Oh, but not this girl!!! I gave her a fair price of $10, but I also couldn't pass up these cute little acorn candles! $1 for all three! Who would burn these??? They are too cute. They're not small either, they're like the size of a votive candle and go wonderfully next to this little lantern I have displayed year round. Yea, you could say it doesn't take much to excite me lol.

Saturday evening my lova took me out to dinner. I have been trying to stay away from carbs and sugar now and have been doing quite well if I do say so myself so he, knowing this, decides to take me to Olive Garden...Italian....pasta.....bread...., but we had a gift card that needed to be used so in my world, money talks! And talking it did!

Sometimes I like to have a little pre dinner cocktail and I'm a lunatic for a good sangria so when I saw on their menu this Green Apple Sangria made with green apple puree, GAME OVER. I had to have one. Then, out of total breach of personal etiquette, I went and had another!!! A-MAY-ZA-ZING. Dinner was pretty tasty, too, and I refuse to feel guilt or shame! It was a pleasant start to another relaxing evening. Fortunately I was wearing "grow as you go" yoga/stretchy type pants so when we got home all I had to do was change my shoes, grab a jacket and drink, and head out to this...

It was so relaxing and quiet. Our neighbor joined us for some light conversation and major talk of Game of Thrones action (OMG did you watch last night?!?! So AWESOME!!) and before you know it, it was time to go in and remove the evening's smoke from our clothes and hair. Sunday, when I woke up to the lingering scent of the fire outside, I knew it was useless to fight the urge. Fortunately Bill enjoys this season just as much as I do (Christmas is another story) so he didn't have a problem bringing up the big box of decorations. From there, I just went to town.

Oh, and I forgot to mention my new garage sale find from a couple of weeks ago...this metal cart for $10! SO FRENCH COUNTRY! It's hard to tell, but it has this grey blue color and was a bit rusted from being out in the elements, but thanks to my handy dandy husband and his collection of tools, he just sanded those rust spots down to a nice smooth texture. My initial use for it is to have a place to put all my potted herbs once the temperatures outside drop. I want to be able to bring them in and allow them to keep growing. This cart is perfect for that! But for now, it has taken on a different role! :)

My french country metal cart garage sale find

And of course I had to get a picture of it with my battery operated flickering candle in yet another garage sale find of a tall candelabra :) Now I'm not sure where I'm going to put the herbs lol

Of course, when I was finished, it was time to vacuum and light the candles. We agreed that we wouldn't start decorating the exterior until at least next weekend so in the meantime, we get to enjoy the feel of autumn inside the house :)

Don't you just love the speckles of sun whispering through the tree? It's saying its slow farewell to summer. And being that it's almost the end of summer, I just want to wish one of my beautiful little sisters a very happy birthday today. She was our last little summer gift from God 32 years ago. We love you so, Goopy!

P.S...a few of you have emailed or personally asked me how to leave a message...if you look below, after each blog, there is a box that says "LEAVE A COMMENT". Feel free to do so there :) And better yet, be sure to subscribe/join my email list to get an email that lets you know there's a new blog post. You are always welcome to share the blog with your friends as well!! I don't sell anyone's email addresses. They are strictly confidential. :)

Have a great week everyone!

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