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'Namaste' Right Here...

Updated: Aug 30, 2019

Today was fun! Actually, today was exhilarating! I was up early which is highly unusual, but our son was up early getting ready to start a new adventure as a college student and in doing so woke Bill up because he was too preoccupied with YouTube last night that he forgot to set his alarm. So when he JUMPED out of bed, he inadvertently woke me out of my peaceful bliss. Ironically, after I was awake, I didn't want to go back to sleep which is extremely odd considering I went to sleep way past midnight last night due to my adrenaline after watching the latest episode of Game of Thrones...oh my God, don't get me started!!!

Being that I was awake and alone, I decided to make the most of the exciting day. So I thought, what better day than to work with all this moon and sun energy :) Not many of you don't know this about me, but I am a HUGE HUGE energy believer. I probably don't say much to people about it because I don't want people thinking I went off the deep way off and then jumped further, but most of the time people associate what I believe in with witchcraft or paganism or Wiccan, etc. But, I'm not a witch,which knowing a little hocus pocus could be a lot of fun. And I am a firm believer in God and of course my favorite, the to them DAILY...almost as much as I talk to Bill! And I'm also an intuitive. This isn't a pat on the back, it just means that everyone has their own intuition, I have just learned and know my signs very well and I listen to them. And yes, so does Bill, and I thank him for that! :) Here are the stones, absorbing all the sun and moon energy!

Anyway, I decided to start off by cleansing my stones, some refer to them as gemstones. Yes, I have several. I mainly use them to wear. I have a little pendant on a chain that is like a little cage that is flexible and you can put stones in them. I like to wear certain ones to give me extra energy for the day, or if I know I'm going to be around a lot of negative energy, I'll wear one for protection-help create a little bubble to keep my day going smooth. I also like to wear them as unique jewelry or because they're just pretty. I know you all remember the copper bracelets they use to sell and promote, matter of fact I think they still do. Well, when I was little my mom had one and she used to tell me that it helped with arthritis and stiff joints. I thought she was lying to me and all bracelets did that and the copper one was just pretty and she didn't want me to wear it! Now I know different. Today, now more than ever, people are leaning more toward natural medicine. They don't like being guinea pigs for Western Medicine or doctor prescribed medication and they don't like the side effects it gives them. Eastern medicine (concept of balance called qi pronounced 'chee') and Homeopathic medicine is a big deal. And I use the stones for the same reason. Like I said, I have several stones and they needed to be "cleansed", so I got them ready to be cleansed outside by the sun AND the moon! I also went around and 'saged' my house. I've been doing this for quite some time and I personally, love it! No, I don't believe I have evil spirits/ghosts existing in our house, but I do believe we as human beings bring home energy, some of which isn't very happy or positive. And, as you all know, I garage sale like it's nobody's business, so think of all the energy that I'm bringing into my home that just came from someone else's house... So, for me, I like to burn white sage and open my doors/windows to release all the negative. And it was so refreshing!! Except my hair stunk like I just left Woodstock...

After cleansing everything I could possibly think to cleanse, I decided to make the "box projector" for the eclipse. I was so excited to be a part of this whole event. The box didn't take me but 5 minutes to make so I sat on the deck and decided that I wanted to video tape the eclipse! So, I propped my phone on a table decoration and switched the view of the camera as if I'm going to take a selfie and started to video. I don't know if I'm just a nut, but I thought there was going to be this "grey" moon that would go right past the sun and blah blah blah. When I looked into my box, which I did often and for a while, all I saw was a white dot...and it stayed white. Then I thought I was suppose to look through the dot! Obviously that wasn't going to work. I even moved my hair towards the dot to make sure I was casting a shadow! Then when I looked at my phone all I saw was the big sun. Then I thought I had the wrong day. Then I thought I had the wrong time! So I googled it to make sure and found out that I was exactly at the start of the eclipse. So, I started the video again and just decided that I would look at it later to see if I caught anything. Sadly, the little white dot never changed for me in the box. It stayed a nice white dot. But, the video was interesting. Nothing changed with the big sun, however, there was a glare on the phone that I didn't realize was the moon! So I actually caught the eclipse on the video! The whole experience was wild though! When I was sitting on the deck chair, I noticed that the temperature had actually dropped a little and it wasn't so hot. The birds were chirping (not to much) but they weren't busy at the feeders like they had been. (yes they have no fear of us and still feed when we are out there). The yard and surrounding areas took on that look and feel of a huge rain cloud moving in. It was somewhat eerie...and I loved it!

the solar eclipse!

Here's my little white dot in the box! And the next picture is of the sun. If you can, look at the pink ring near the window. In the center is the moon passing over the sun! The video shows the pink aura moving with the moon, but the big bright sun stays put. So awesome! Sadly, at this time I am unable to upload it to my blog.

So many people have posted videos and pictures on the internet and I honestly cannot wait until 2024 when it will be right in our path and we get to experience the complete darkness. One video I saw, a young man was narrating it and was around a large crowd of people. When it went completely dark, it was so incredible to hear everyone cheer. Wow, what an experience to behold. I even heard him say (besides a few choice words) how he was crying and was surprised that he was crying. How awesome. I truly love how this event has brought so many people together. What a magnificent world we live in. We humans are so insignificant in this great big infinite universe. I can honestly understand why our predecessors worshipped the sun and/or the moon. They were glorious today, meeting up for their intimate yet quick kiss. The sun rising and setting and the stars shining and falling, will never be in our human control. It is a daily reminder to us how blessed we are to be a part of something so much bigger than we can ever imagine. I love these natural wonders and days like today help keep me on track with my desire to want to stay positive and promote that positivity. So to you I say, 'Namaste my friend ;)'.

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