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Just A Tease...

Updated: Aug 30, 2019

It's Monday! The official start to the work week and it's a rainy Monday on top of that! Although Mondays are ugly most of the time, I was a little excited that this Monday the temperature is cool. This past weekend was absolutely wonderful (for me!) if you are one of those who don't like summer heat and humidity. Friday evening Bill and I sat on our deck after dinner and just relaxed. The neighborhood was actually a bit quiet and we were able to watch all the birds line up on the feeders getting their last morsels before the sun went down. It's so nice to hear the robins singing their lullabies before you see all the birds turn in for the evening. Then, it's the sound of tree frogs. The evening grew cooler and cooler. I had my nice thick leggings on tucked into my old man slippers and before long, I was grabbing jackets for the both of us. It was wonderful...and not a bug bite to be felt!.

Saturday was a bit of the same. I was in desperate need of a relaxing night and we decided to invite our next door neighbors over for an outdoor night cap complete with junky relaxing attire! Of course they always dress nice so I was basically the only one in junky relaxing attire, again with leggings tucked into my old man slippers. Bill and I even debated on having a little bonfire because the temps seemed to be beckoning for one, but decided to turn on our soft deck lights to go with the last flickers of the summer fire flies throughout the yard. It was blissful, I must say.

backyard bonfire

While enjoying the company and personal beverages, we experienced a little evening excitement as well! It was well into the evening so the sky was very dark. While sitting at the table I noticed a bird fly up to the top of the pole that our feeders hang from. For a second it didn't phase me, but I immediately realized it was dark out and birds don't feed in the dark at our feeders. We normally bring them in for the night, but because we were still out on the deck, we decided to leave them hang until we turned in for the night. I asked Bill if he could see the bird on the pole and to see if he knew what it was. I thought maybe it was a bat because I truly didn't know what to think. Bats don't eat at the feeders either, that I'm aware of, and nor do owls. So what could it be? My neighbor closest to the feeder didn't like the word BAT so he kind of moved away quickly. Bill jumped up to go look and so did the other neighbor and fortunately for me, I had my phone in hand! Then Bill yells, "it's a squirrel, it's a Flying Squirrel!" We had our flashlights on it, and we were seriously only feet from it, and it never budged. It just sat and ate to his/her heart's content! None of us have ever seen a flying squirrel. I know they are nocturnal and I've read they are in and around our state, but in all my life, I have never seen one. I don't even think I've seen one at the zoo! And here it is, in our very own backyard.

first encounter with a flying squirrel

This picture just gives you a little perspective on his size compared to the feeder. Sadly I couldn't get an angle to show his wings.

unclose with the flying squirrel

I can't begin to tell you our excitement over this little guy/gal. It just amazes me how we don't even realize what and who we share our world with even in our own little back yards. I'm just so happy he allowed us this close visit and I get the opportunity to share it with you!

So today I couldn't help get excited that the weather has stayed quite cool, so I popped into my local 1/2 Price Book Store and wouldn't you know it, I found a cute little Autumn book begging to be bought. It was only $3, but I was so excited to get it home and look through it while eating breakfast. It helped put that little last 'umph' in my butt to get me cooking again so guess what I made! More fried pies! Well, hand pies is probably the proper wording, but you know what I mean. Last time I made Blackberry so today I made Blackberry AND Blueberry lol. The house smells amazing, like Autumn! But we all know this is just a tease... It's still August, but if it never feels like summer again, I'll be completely okay with that!

By the way, I created a little button on the home page for recipes of foods I've talked about on the blog. I finally put them up for you to enjoy if you feel so inclined to try them out! They're nothing fancy; some recipes are hand me downs, some from Pinterest, some I just put together.

Hope you're enjoying the tease as much as I am! :)

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