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To Kill A Dead Flower...

Updated: Aug 30, 2019

Yesterday I decided I wanted to kill a dead flower. Actually, I would love to kill more dead flowers. No, not in the violent sense of the word, but in a more natural sense. You see, a couple of years ago my hydrangea bush bloomed for the very first time and I was elated that the blooms were blue. Being the scholar of Pinterest that I am, I immediately looked up ways to cut and savor the beauty forever. I've seen so many "natural" wreaths made of dried flowers so there has to be a way I can do this myself, right? In my searches, I found a way to dry hydrangeas and low and behold, it worked! I still have them, too, in my french decorated bathroom that seems to be only used for decorating purposes anymore. But, I still keep the Poo-Pourri available just in case ;)

My first attempt at drying hydrangeas years ago

This year that same hydrangea bush has bloomed magnificently. I have colors of blue, pink, purple, and a mauve like tone. I decided I would like to dry out as many as I can, but in doing so I learned something. I'm actually killing it twice. I mean, we've all done it! Every time you receive flowers, they're dead! Then you go and put them in water just to kill them again! The thing about hydrangeas is you have to know when the right time to kill them is. A couple of weeks ago I killed a few (cut) and they wilted on me...the homicide was too soon. Should have waited. Well, yesterday I got antsy and murdered three more. I'm hoping it isn't too soon. They say to wait until August/September, but I don't want them too brown. Here they are in their little jars dying a slow but beautiful second death.

Aren't these dying flowers so pretty? I'd love to collect more since I have a daughter getting married next May. We could really use about 200! Keep your fingers crossed they dry nicely.

hydrangeas from our yard

And that these little yard visitors stay away from the still blooming bush! I found them yesterday eating old wood in our fire pit. There's so much to eat out there, but evidently our yard has become the smorgasbord of leafy greens and bright flowers.

momma and baby deer eating again

Hope you have a great weekend and get the opportunity to kill a dead flower or two. The heat is horrible here, but my flowers and shrubs seem to love it! I have to say, I love all this green :)

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