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When A Lamp Needs A Home

Updated: Aug 30, 2019

I felt bad. I felt horrible. I tried so hard to turn away, but I couldn't. My right eye kept sliding to the right and then my left eye followed. I turned my body, but my head never wavered. And then, the worst...this male intruder started approaching it. My right eye darted to his eyes immediately zooming in with my left eye, noticing that he now has his eyes on it. My eyes were working together now and they signaled for back hands. Being the attentive and well trained soldiers they are, my hands emerged from the sides of my trunk, holding my shiny floral wallet like the empty bank that it is, and snatched the lamp like it was the last crescent roll at dinner! I wasn't sure if I wanted it at that point, but I knew he wasn't going to get the opportunity to think about it. The $4 sticker was glaring at me...what was wrong with it, I wondered. Does it work? Hmmm, 'it has a lightbulb' I thought. The colors are perfect, the base is a chicken for goodness sake...It has my name all over it. "I have an outlet here if you'd like to plug it in..", came a little old voice. "Uh, oh, no, that's okay, I trust you", I said to a complete stranger. Did I? No, but that was irrelevant. I had to make it work. I wanted everyone there to know I won the grand prize, THIS was the shining DEAL OF THE DAY, the treasure that will be talked about for weeks...I was going home with this lamp...

...but what will I tell Bill?...again

Had to slow down and take a pic of this momma hen and her babies while I was out having a garage sale adventure!

Yes, as most of you know, I have been forbidden to look at lamps. I'm not sure WHY I have this thing for lamps, but I do. I love the ambiance they exude. Their soft glow, just a bit stronger than a candle, is just more inviting then some harsh ceiling light. If and when I walk, I really like to walk the neighborhood in the evening. I'm not a creeper, but I enjoy staring into houses and see the ways they use their lamps to decorate and light their homes. I even like to turn lamps on during the day because certain parts of the house don't get the sun through the windows so the the lamp gives just enough light so the room doesn't feel vacant. Most of the time I have no idea where I'm going to put the lamp, I just know that I need it. Just like the chicken lamp. I love french country decor and of course the rooster is perfect for the french country look.

my rooster/chicken lamp

And just like that, I found a home for the lamp. It now sits in the kitchen in a cabinet in the corner. Back when Bill and I painted and re-did cabinets in the kitchen, I specifically wanted to have the door removed from this particular cabinet. And look...PERFECT! The lamp is the perfect height and the perfect width, and the glow...I'm in love! It's so funny how I buy one thing and then I have to clean everything around it! It even inspired me to cook today! I bought some fresh chicken and duck eggs from a friend's farm yesterday so my kitchen was just BEGGING for some homemade food. So, I made some potato salad with one of the Pinterest recipes I've been wanting to try and another batch of banana bread with a little added ingredient we purchased from a day jaunt to the Woodford Reserve! I also threw in some pork chops in the crockpot so dinner is all but done! All this inspiration... from a little lamp that needed a home!

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