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Fifty Two Fridays This Year...

Updated: Aug 30, 2019

Yes, there are FIFTY TWO FRIDAYS this year...and you're probably asking yourself, "why does she care?". Like most people, I LOVE Fridays. Even if I have to work on Saturday, I still LOVE Fridays. I don't even care if I didn't sleep well Thursday night; big deal!! You wake up and it's Friday! People are nicer on Friday. Everyone counts down to get to the weekend. No one counts down 'till Tuesday! Fridays are just happy days :) And we have Fifty Two of them this year! But, in my world, what's REALLY important, are the 24-26 Fridays that fall between April thru September. These are my absolute favorite Fridays!! These are GARAGE SALE FRIDAYS!!!! And for me, they are like CHRISTMAS! It doesn't matter how many hours of sleep I get, I wake up every garage sale Friday BOUNCING with energy, ignoring all my joint pains as I fall out of bed running to the shower. Most of the time I even beat my alarm clock! I get all excited, I even have a little routine! I take the fastest shower, scrunch my hair, NO makeup (I find people bargain better with me when I look homeless), gym shoes-must have running shoes! You'd be surprised how many times I've had to "fast walk" to race someone to the perfect treasure awaiting me! Then, I rush to the kitchen, feed the backyard birds, turn on a couple of lamps and tidy up if needed (I LOVE coming home to my house clean so I have the rest of the afternoon to clean my treasures), grab my wallet, keys, phone, bottle water, and a bottled smoothie...and I'm gone. What I didn't tell you is on Thursday evening, I have already mapped out my garage sale adventure in my head. Thursdays I scan the community recorder, Facebook, online garage sale notices, and I even do "drive bys" as I'm doing my running around. I'm ALWAYS scanning for flyers on poles and signs in yards! Ever vigilant...:) And then, Friday morning I head out and this is what I see...

Garage sale signs

It's like Christmas!!! I drive around looking for these signs like a family packed in a station wagon looking for Christmas light displays! Sadly, when looking for the signs, I tend to miss other STOP signs. And yes, Bill yelled at me once when I permitted him to tag along.

I blame the sign makers. See that big neon orange sign? That's how a sign should look. Big bold letters, an arrow, and the two days. Perfect! The days are important because it's Friday and some folks like to put their signs out, but their sale is only on Saturdays (novices...everyone knows Fridays are the best days!) But, if you don't have a day printed, then people like me are driving all over looking for the sale and in doing so, look like creepers! The arrow is ingenious! No need for an address, ain't nobody got TIME to read a novel! Look at the tiny garage sale sign with the bold GARAGE SALE letters. I knew there was one, I just didn't know where; I couldn't read anything! And how about the pink sign...BLACK INK PEOPLE!!! Bling it out any way you want, just use black ink. A couple of weeks ago my daughter and I went out and these ladies had an enormous sign in their front yard with bras hanging from it! CLEVER!!! And then there's the sign on the pole...only I was going the other needless to say, I had to make a U-turn just to read the thing. I guess only people leaving the subdivision were allowed to know about it... So yes, I blame the sign makers for me running stop signs lol.

Anyway, today did turn out to be fruitful. I was quite pleased with my purchases. :) I didn't get to find anything unique or "fun", but I did find these items and spent less than $15. I got a couple of Paris prints, a beverage dispenser, and the suitcase looking thing is actually an insulated food tote-brand new still in the wrapper! It's huge! And I also bought some "gifts" that I can't post that I am very excited about. :)

My garage sale finds

And this concludes my Friday garage sale day. Of course, when I got home, I was famished! So I went ahead and cleaned up my treasures (and the ones that aren't pictured) then sat down to my 'breakfast' that I made for Bill yesterday. I can't believe we still had some left!

Homemade banana bread

...Banana Bread...It was heavenly...almost as good as a garage sale Fridays... Have a great weekend everyone!

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