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Our Garden

Our yard, with it's many gardens, has changed drastically since the first day we moved in.  We followed the rule of thumb and didn't touch a plant or tree the first year, but the yard only had a few salvageable shrubs and trees to work with. Many trees had to be cut down due to overgrowth, there were no flower beds, and only the front of the house had "landscaping".  Since then, Bill, my green thumb among other titles and descriptions, has created an oasis of beauty with all kinds of elements throughout different parts of the yard.  He has endured many nights being stabbed in the arm with my finger, being asked if he can duplicate all these Pinterest or Instagram ideas.  He has given life to all those ideas and never ceases to amaze me with his skills.  With my managerial skills and "plant knowledge" (I try to be good for something!) we have created my favorite yard/garden of all the gardens we've ever had.  Each year we add new plants, elements, or designs and eliminate what didn't work.  But in the end, all the hard work has given us a little spot of heaven to watch and listen to our song birds from our deck, gather friends/neighbors for a fire around the primitive pit, call in our favorite Eastern Screech Owl 'Whinny', or watch nature in Kentucky go through all four seasons💕

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