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It's been FIVE YEARS!  I CAN'T BELIEVE IT! Starting this adventure of blogging was something I wanted to do, but was unsure how to get started, what to share, and how long it would last.  And now, this self taught blogger is still enjoying the adventure.

The website started as I Am Anarita (my 'real' name) and for the past 5 years I never really put much thought into the name, but after creating an Etsy store and an Instagram account both with the name French Country In Kentucky, I found it only natural to 'brand' it all the same.  

As you visit, you will notice that although I'm the one writing, taking pictures, and expressing thoughts, my husband Bill is half the story, and a BIG half. You will see and/or read a LOT about him.  We've been married for over 30 years, high school sweethearts (well for me as I was still in high school and he was graduated), and he's the true labor worker, the construction worker, the gardener, the maintainer, my absolute better half and best friend.  God blessed us with three amazing children who are now in their mid to late twenties, exploring their own paths yet visiting us frequently...robbing our pantry...

Growing up in Cincinnati (the west side for all you Cincinnatians!) we realized early in our marriage that we both enjoyed flowers, gardening, wildlife, and DIY home projects.  You have to remember, this was pre-internet and even pre-Home Depot/Lowes! We also realized we craved space.  So we decided to make the big leap, jump the river, and move to Northern Kentucky. As much as we craved the space, having three very young kids limited us to an area with good schools. So we had to settle for suburban life, but with open space. We chose the town/city of Union and we have been here for 22 years now.  Of course we always have dreams of owning more land, but with Bill still working in Cincinnati, staying here looks like the plan for right now. 

What you'll read about on my blog is basically our day to day life as I stated above, but in our day to day you'll learn other things about us like how we are a VERY PATRIOTIC FAMILY, how I'm obsessed with a LOT of things like teas and coffees, glass cloches, growing herbs as well as vegetable and flower gardening. I love french country decor mixed with the farmhouse, cottage, and rustic elements. Oh and I can't forget shabby chic elements! I started pen-paling in 2014 and have wonderful friends from Europe which ties into my Anglophile heartstrings.  I'm a die hard romantic and classical music listener! I am constantly painting and re-doing furniture pieces to fit our home/lifestyle.  Pinterest and Instagram are my favorite online magazines!  And garage sale-ing is my spring to fall career! The kitchen is where you'll find me most of the time, playing with plants, running my Norwex business or Etsy shop, or learning more recipes to enhance our clean eating lifestyle we TRY to implement. 

The blog also allows me to talk about growing up and my desire to slow the pace of life down a notch or two. I also like to talk about my little adventures with weekend getaways or yard saleing and all the little "must haves" and deals I like to find!  Our home is at LEAST 90% decorated with yard sale finds!  I'm being SERIOUS! Nothing like a little elbow grease, some paint, and some love to give something new life!  I love to show you what I found and how I changed it up and use it in our home so get ready for PICTURES! 

If you enjoy the blog, please subscribe to my email list where you'll receive an email whenever a new blog post is available.  Also feel free to share the blog with your friends and family.  I will never share your email information with anyone!  

You can follow me on Instagram at French_Country_In_Kentucky, or on  Linktree As always you're welcome to email me at

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